You know you’re married to a history teacher when…


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My husband and I became best friends in college before even dating (read more of our love story here), and something I’ve known since the very beginning is his passion for history! Bjorn’s love for learning and his incredible mind that remembers so many stinking details are part of what really drew me to him. He’s always loved history and now he is living the dream: being a middle school history teacher who gets to talk about U.S. History all day with a bunch of eager, energetic kids!


It is a beautiful fit for this man of mine and it is so fun watching him grow into this role. Of course, getting married was only the beginning of this journey spent learning about each other – and I keep thinking of more unique history teacher-isms so it only felt right to share with you:

You Know You’re Married to a History Teacher When…

1. Many of your conversations start with, “Did you know…?”


2. You visit museums and battlefields for fun!

This was a huge part of our summer-long honeymoon in Virginia in 2014. We were out there for his military training and we had a blast visiting around 40 historical sites! I learned more about the Civil War with (and from) this husband of mine than ever before. 🙂 You can see the collection of our excursions in our {TAKE ME TO} Travel Series. 🙂


3. Most of your (extensive AKA 500 BOOKS!) home library is comprised of books on the military, different perspectives on the world wars, analytical accounts of major battles…and a few beautiful Civil War coffee table books!

4. When your own Gregory Alan Isakov record isn’t spinning, your spouse is filling the home with “songs of the north and south” or “songs from a Renaissance court!” And I will fully admit, there are some pretty great songs in that mix!

5. You start humming the aforementioned historical songs while you’re at work. 😉

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6. Saturday mornings having coffee with your husband and mother-in-law can quickly transition into a historical story time, complete with diagrams of battles and maps drawn on nearby napkins.

7. He makes you and your mother-in-law tear up while telling you that story!!!!! We both got goosebumps and had to dab our eyes when Bjorn said, “And then, Lee looked to his right and saw a cloud of dust – his reinforcements were coming over the hill!” He must have another life calling to be a documentary producer someday… 🙂

IMG_0147I respect Bjorn and his love for history so much! I really believe that his passion has changed me for the better! It is so fun to learn alongside someone who is passionate, isn’t it? 🙂

What is your spouse passionate about?? How has that affected your life – and even changed it for the better?


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  1. He must really love southern history, then! I’m also a junior high history (and English) teacher, but I’m obsessed with medieval European history, and Welsh! So, all these are the same with me, but having to do with that part of history and my husband is a very patient man with my obsession!

    1. He sure does love southern history! He and I lived in Virginia all of last summer because of his army training and we fell in love with all we could learn about the Civil War there! I think he visited over 42 historical sites, museums, etc.!! 🙂

      It’s neat to meet another teacher! I find the medieval European history fascinating too – and I don’t know much about Welsh, but isn’t it so fun to have these different interests? And patient spouses too! 🙂

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