Word of the year // February check-in

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On the first day of 2015, I made a commitment to pursue a “word of the year,” instead of a list of lofty New Years resolutions. I chose the word CONTENT (you can read more about it and about my reasoning in this post)- and it has turned out to be such a perfect fit for this season of life we’re in.

What kind of a commitment would this “word of the year” be if I don’t periodically reflect on how it’s going? 🙂 It’s late February already! In an effort to keep myself accountable, I’m checking in again to talk about contentment.

I’ve had to push, pursue, and even fight for contentment in my life. It almost sounds silly, considering all we’ve been given – and it’s difficult for me to admit here in this space since I know that I truly have no reasons not to be content. But if you’re anything like me, you know that thought patterns can go deep and take a lot of effort to wrest free of. Overall, I’ve seen a positive change in my attitude towards life’s circumstances! I’ve been slowly but surely learning to fight comparison , which often directly coincides with contentment. It’s been a challenge that mostly involves me reflecting on God’s gracious provision for us and realizing that for now, we are right where He would have us, location and life stage and all. 🙂


Do you ever swirl between thoughts of contentment and those clinging thoughts of “this isn’t enough?” Dissatisfaction with our situation is almost borne into us as a culture. We always want more, need more, strive for more and better….and we feel we have 2 options when we don’t have what we want: work even harder to attain or buy it, or sit back in despair and sit in our puddles of discontent.

So, here’s to combating discontentment and counting our blessings!

Blessings we are thanking the Lord for in this season of life:

– financial security and the continued pouring of money into the savings account!
– Bjorn’s 2 weeks of February army training are done! (3 cheers for not living alone!)
– good health
– multiple jobs between the 2 of us
– a warm cozy home
– re-connecting with college friends 🙂
– family, including in-laws we get along with and love dearly
– a wonderful almost 1 year of marriage to our best friend

Thanksgiving isn’t the only time we should be looking for and listing our blessings. What are you grateful for this winter season??




    1. It didn’t even hit me that it was a good Monday reminder! Thanks, friend! It takes effort sometimes to sit down and think of all the reasons to be thankful, but it’s so worth it! 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you for your encouragement, Chelsea! And I’m especially glad that the post resonated with you and left YOU feeling encouraged!! Thanks!! 🙂

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