Where My Blog Name Came From


Hey friends! I’m continuing with Brave Love Blog‘s Blog-tember Challenge today! Others have mentioned that this challenge and link-up is just the kick-in-the-pants they needed…and I totally agree! I love the extra push this challenge gives me to really write, write, write! (And get to know you all!) 🙂 Psst – you can join in on the fun whenever you’re able! That’s what I’m doing. 🙂

Today’s prompt: Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?

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(By the way, my logo was designed by the wonderful Rachel at Oh Simple Thoughts!)

My full name is Hannah Brittany, and my grandpa (who passed away when I was in 4th grade) used to call me “Hannah B.” It was a special nickname, only used by him. The “Hannah B” had a double meaning. Grandpa didn’t just mean the literal “Hannah B” – Mom later explained to me that he also meant, “Hannah, just be. Be you.” It reminds me of that quote, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Just be! What a fresh, simple take on life and identity!

Years later, my boyfriend (now husband) Bjorn actually used “Hannah B” as his own nickname for me. He didn’t even know of Grandpa’s special name for me! I was “Hannah B” for a while and then it just got shortened to “Bee.” Now, he calls me “Bee” far more than my given name! Over time, these special nostalgic names from both Grandpa and Bjorn have been woven into my current nickname. I love being just “Bee” – and I hope that the name of my blog acts as a little special reminder to you too, whenever life seems to be just a bit too complicated. I am just “Bee” and I am joining you in the endeavor to “just be.”

How about you? Where did your blog name come from? And if you’re not a blogger, what would you name your blog if you had one? 🙂



    1. Yes!! I have that quote printed out (I found a hand lettered version on Pinterest!) and hanging above my “blogging desk” in the office! 🙂 It is such a great one. What a great reminder to strive for excellence wherever we’re at!

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