Where I Find Affordable, Cute Baby Clothes (+ a promo code!)


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Finding clothing at a good price is important to me! I am not into dropping hundreds of dollars on only a couple of outfits. However, I do love cute pieces and I do like an outfit that makes me feel confident and pulled together! So, the tricky part then is to figure out ways to create outfits that are both fashionable and affordable – not to mention still high-quality.

The same philosophy goes for baby clothing, now that I am getting closer to the end of this pregnancy! Isn’t it just so much fun shopping for baby outfits? 🙂 I find myself basically swooning over little hats, little socks, and sweet onesies. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how tiny and adorable baby items are!! However, just like with my own clothing, I am not looking to spend tons of money on baby clothing, particularly because babies outgrow pieces so quickly!

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If you’ve followed Just Bee for a while, then you’ve already heard me mention the clothing site ThredUp. I use ThredUp to purchase the large majority of my clothing! ThredUp is an amazing way to get gently used clothing online (and sometimes, clothing with the tags still on!!).

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Many people don’t realize that ThredUp also sells baby and kids’ clothing!! I was so excited when I found out! I immediately headed over to the site and began perusing all of the adorable baby clothing. (Especially the girls’ clothing and girls’ dresses.)

Today I wanted to share with you not only the fact that you can find awesome baby/kids’ clothing on ThredUp, but also a little show-and-tell of some of my favorite items I just got from ThredUp! PLUS, don’t miss the amazing promo code at the end of this post — you will love it if you have a girl or are expecting one!! 🙂 

Where I Find Affordable, Cute Baby Clothes- just bee

Why ThredUp is Amazing:

It comes to your door. Online shopping is seriously such a lifesaver for me – and I know it is for many moms out there! I don’t live near a big mall or shopping area, so I buy many products online now days. With our little one arriving next month, I will be very, very busy soon. I know I’ll really appreciate being able to order items we need online and having them delivered to us days later! 🙂

You can search for exactly what you want! ThredUp has some of the best search filters that I’ve seen on a website. You can search very specifically for clothing by size, by color, by price, and by brand! You can EVEN select the option “New With Tags,” and find items that are brand-new! (I found the cutest baby jacket from Carter’s on ThredUp with the tags still on – you’ll see it later in this post.)

Having specific filtering options is so convenient! For example, I can easily search for pink clothing for a baby girl sized 0-3 months from Carter’s — and score some amazing deals in the process! (I literally just searched using all these filters, and there are so many options, even including a lot with price tags still on!!!)

^^ See what I just found? And that’s only the first few items! ^^

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Prices are VERY reasonable! You can get bestselling brands at up to 75% off, if not way more! This is the part I love…and honestly, shopping at ThredUp and loving it so much over these past couple years has spoiled me. Now, when I walk into a store at the mall, I find myself checking tags and being much more aware of how expensive items can be. I mean, who doesn’t love scoring a wonderful deal on clothing? We all like to not pay full-price if we can help it!

The items are from stores you love! When I’d get compliments on certain outfits at work, I’d be quick to let people know that the pieces were actually used, from ThredUp! The neat thing is, the clothing was still from my favorite stores! I now have gently used items from stores like Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy, Gap, and The Limited! Even Anthropologie and Madewell clothing is sold on ThredUp.

Now, when it comes to baby clothing, there are some really cute stores out there! I personally LOVE baby clothing from Carter’s, and there are a TON of pieces from Carter’s being sold on ThredUp, which makes shopping so much more fun, since the pieces are deeply discounted! There are items from many other baby and kids’ stores on ThredUp, too – stores like Baby Gap, Gymboree, and The Children’s Place.

Used clothing is a smart option when little ones outgrow clothing so quickly. With some exceptions for special outfits, it feels silly to me to spend so much money on one item of clothing for my baby when she’s going to outgrow that piece ASAP. 🙂 I keep hearing from experienced mothers about just how quickly babies and kids grow. I can only imagine how much money we’d spend on kids’ clothing over the years if I solely purchased brand-new, full-price items.

ThredUp is the best of both worlds. I get to buy the cutest baby clothing from my favorite stores, BUT I’m not paying full price so I can feel better about the financial piece of it as our little girl continues to outgrow her clothes! 🙂

My Favorite Baby Items I Found on ThredUp:

It’s time for a little show-and-tell, before I share the awesome promo code with you! The majority of the pieces I chose are from Carter’s, although some items are from Old Navy or other stores. You’ll notice that some pieces are brand-new with the tags still on!!

^^ These precious little maroon shoes are perfect for fall! ^^

Carter’s: I’ve had my eye on this exact Carter’s jacket for a long time – isn’t it beautiful?! And it’s brand-new with the tags still attached!

Marshalls Jeggings: I couldn’t resist a pair of little jean leggings! They are darling and will go with any top!

I’ve always thought jumpers were so cute! This one will be great for layering as the weather gets cooler.

Some adorable pairs of leggings to wear with onesies or other shirts…including another pair of jeggings in a larger size that have ruffles on the backside! 🙂

When we visited our friends Josh and Kayty on our way home from our babymoon, we got to meet their little girl and she was wearing the cutest cardigan!! I knew right then that our little girl should have a couple cardigans to pair with her outfits, too! They are just too cute. 🙂

A fall baby has to have a couple fuzzy jackets, right? 🙂 The pink jacket is a Target brand and the blue one (with cute ears on the hood!) and the floral hoodie are from Carter’s.

This fuzzy seafoam green sweatshirt is a Carter’s brand as well. Can’t you just see it paired with cute little jeggings? 🙂

These 2 blouses are for when our daughter gets a little bigger, but I just had to snag them now! They are both from Carter’s and the white one with polka dots was brand-new!

A Promo Code For You!

I am absolutely in love with each of the pieces I got from ThredUp for our little girl. I went with a variety of sizes so that she’d have a few more pieces to wear as she continues to grow! None of the pieces look overly used or abused. When I added them to my cart, I could see what ThredUp’s assessment of each piece was – whether or not it had pilling or “looked brand-new!” (And ThredUp is so good about being up-front with anything they notice, although I’d have to say that most of the clothing I’ve seen on their site is “like-new.”)

Let’s get you this amazing promo code. ThredUp is offering my readers a deep discount on girls’ and baby girls’ clothing!

With the code GIRLS50 you can save 50% off your order of girls’ and baby girls’ clothing (orders up to $50)!!!

So, what are you waiting for? 🙂 You’ve heard all the reasons why ThredUp is amazing! If you’re ready to save some money as you shop for your little ones, head on over!

Shop Girls’ Clothing

Shop Girls’ Dresses

Have you ever tried ThredUp before? It’s an awesome option for clothing, whether you’re shopping for yourself or your children!