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Wow! How is it September 10th already?! Today marks the first day of school and it will be so exciting to see all of the fresh, new, excited faces around the building. We teachers have been working in the school without the kids for a week and a half (or more) so it will be wonderful to have children fill the hallways again. 🙂

I’m jumping in with the Blog-tember Challenge with Bailey at Brave Love Blog again! (Remember, you can join in on these prompts and the link-up whenever and however you can!)

Today’s prompt is: Share 10 items off your bucket list.

I’m going to keep it random (from elephants to the bigger life events!)… We don’t have a physical list written down, but here are a few things that have been floating around in my mind and on my general bucket list for a long time! The list is longer than these 10 items, but it sure is fun to share, and I look forward to hearing all of your bucket list items! 🙂

1 // Ride an elephant. (Renaissance Festival a couple years ago!!)

2 // Go to Europe. (I got to travel around Europe in high school. And my husband and I are heading back before long!!!)

3 // Build our own home.

4 // Study abroad. (Cambodia 2012!)

5 // Get married to my best friend.

6 // Take ballet. (I started at an older age but worked really hard so I could catch up to my age group!)

7 // Start a family.

8 // Visit the Grand Canyon.

9 // Live on our own farm place! (With a couple horses, goats, dogs, and more. 🙂 How fun!)

10 // Utilize my college degree as an elementary teacher.

How about you? What’s on your list, friend? Do we share any of the same items? 




  1. I love that you’ve included things that you’ve already done! I was supposed to ride an elephant when I was in India, but it was monsoon season and the rains had made the ground slick and they didn’t want to risk our safety or the elephants’ (which I totally respect!). I want to build a farm house out in the country, too!!

    1. That is so fun, Audrey!! I love that you want a farm house, too! It’s such a fun thing to daydream about, isn’t it? 🙂 Do you live in a rural area now?

      And wow! An elephant ride in India sounds absolutely amazing – I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but I’m glad they were focused on keeping you safe! Thanks for following along!

      1. I love house-daydreaming 🙂 I live in a small town with a big country side, but right now our house is in town (with less than a quarter of an acre… sigh). My parents are in the country side, 15 minutes away, so it’s not too tough to get out and spend time there!

        1. That sounds so lovely, Audrey! It is so nice that your parents are nearby – and have a great property in the country that you can spend time at! 🙂 Someday, right? 🙂 It just is fun to dream about!

    1. Me too! It is so fun to sit with my husband and daydream and think about everything we would want…and then think about everything we need to learn about before we get there! It’s a lot but a blast to think about. 🙂

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