Welcome, Fall!

I’ve been dreaming up my own “autumn” tribute ever since the first of all these “I love fall!” posts started floating around blogland a couple weeks ago…

But, here I sit at the end of a full work week. And in place of flowery poetic language issuing a well-deserved “ode to autumn,” my brain is full of simple, happy-tired thoughts instead. Not deep, expressive thoughts. But still autumn-thoughts. 🙂

I wore my boots as long as I could today, simply because I love them so much and I am thrilled that it’s now acceptable to drag them out of the closet! I smiled at my already-chipping burgundy nail polish because it is such a fun cooler-weather change. I even cheerfully braced myself against the cool breeze and misty sprinkle at 7 this morning, because, well…FALL is coming!! Oh, and I’m craving yet another pumpkin chai. Clearly, ultra-complex thoughts like these are all I’ve got tonight. 🙂
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So, as part of my “Oh Hey, Friday” link-up with September Farm and The Farmer’s Wife, I’m offering you 5 of my favorite fall necessities. Even though it’s not officially autumn yet, these sure are a fun way to usher in this new season!

1. BootsI’ve got gray-brown ones very similar to these (from Herberger’s), and I absolutely love them!

2. Burgundy Nail Polish. So different from the bright corals and pinks of summer, but it sure is beautiful!

3. Pumpkin Chai. So worth the steep few bucks. Seriously. This is autumn in a cup – just that perfect kind of close-your-eyes wonderful.

4. Maroon Infinity Scarf. I have one just like this, and it is incredible! I wear it all the time every fall (okay, and winter too). Infinity scarves are pretty much the most low-maintenance way to finish off a fun outfit. 🙂

5. Thieves Essential Oil. I’ve been diffusing this a lot recently, primarily because it has antibacterial qualities that help keep these start-of-school-year germs at bay….but it sure makes the whole house smell like fall! I just love the cinnamon & cloves scent. Watch for a future post about the beginning of my journey with essential oils!

There you have it. Simple, simple thoughts on this cooler, almost-fall evening. But don’t be surprised if, after a few good nights of sleep and another fall-specialty coffee drink, I do end up spouting wordy odes to autumn in the future anyway. 🙂

Happy Friday, all! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web!

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