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Happy weekend, friends! It’s the first truly quiet one Bjorn and I have had in a long time (due to busy army drill weekends, being out of town, family events, and farming), so we’ve been enjoying more relaxing time together. In the spirit of keeping things low-key, I wanted to share with y’all some fun things I’ve found around the web lately!

I had my eye on this shirt (in both colors!) for a while, so I finally decided to order both colors. The shirts fit wonderfully and are a great price and fun spring pattern!

This article on catchlights in photography is awesome! I love learning about things like this. It’ll be something fun to watch for (and strive for) in my photography over time.

Strawberry picking sounds so perfect, with summer quickly approaching! I can’t get down to this cute place in Florida for picking, but I sure am feeling inspired to look for opportunities to pick berries around here! 🙂

I totally related to this post – can you? Sometimes we just plain fall in love with the human experience – in a given day, we can observe so many unique lives all around us! I thought she described this so beautifully.

This sea glass-inspired tablescape is absolutely swoon-worthy!! Now, who wants to come over for a dinner party? 🙂

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hearing a lot about capsule wardrobes lately! In her post, Daisy describes how to build a 40-piece summer capsule wardrobe!

These “15 ways to live rich” are so great. I love how the emphasis of her blog is to live a more grateful life…and these are wonderful ways to do so!

What have you been loving around the web lately??

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!




  1. Woohoo! Thanks for including my post in this awesome list. 🙂 LOVED that article on catchlights! I love learning more and more about photography!

    1. Yay! Of course – I really enjoyed your post so I just had to share! 🙂 I’ve really been enjoying following along with your blog, Anna! (And that photography article by A Beautiful Mess sure was fun!)

  2. Thank so much for linking up Hannah!! I also loved the article about catchlights. Those girls have such great photog tips 🙂 xo

    1. Definitely, Emily! It is always so neat to read about excursions like that 🙂 Your time in Florida looks like so much fun! And yeah, I am now finding myself looking for catchlights in photographs of people 🙂 Thanks for reading along!

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