Week 37-38 Bumpdate


Could this be the last pregnancy update for our baby girl?? Maybe!! 🙂 

Week 37-38 Bumpdate:

How far along: 37 and 38 weeks (I am 39 weeks along today!) There is only ONE week left – baby girl could arrive anytime, because her due date is already NEXT WEEK!! Now that is surreal!

** My doctor will be out of town or unavailable on different days coming up soon…would you please pray that if at all possible, baby comes when our doctor is available??

Size of the baby: My Ovia pregnancy app says that BB is fully grown by this point, and is just waiting for the right time to arrive. 🙂 The app says she could be 7-8 pounds by now – the size of a small pumpkin (how perfectly fitting for the season we’re in!). Even though we thought she’d be a slightly smaller baby, it’s hard to guess these kinds of things, and I know estimates as to weight can be quite off!

** Baby girl was posterior initially but has now turned! Hooray! Now I’m praying I can keep her that way!

Weight gain: I’m thinking I’ve gained around 29 pounds. My doctor is pleased with where my weight is. Like I’ve said before, I just am tired of feeling large, haha. But it’s nice to give baby a good head start with her own weight and development! I am embracing the weight gain!

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^^ 39 weeks!! ^^

Gender: GIRL!!! We are so excited to be having a little girl!! 🙂 It has been extremely (probably way too much) fun shopping for little outfits for her.

Guess what — we had a bit of a mini name “crisis” the other day when we thought, what if she arrives and we don’t think this name fits her?? So, after some brainstorming, Bjorn and I actually now have a second option for a first and middle name…just in case. We love both of the name options very much!! We feel good that we now have 2 solid choices. Now we just have to meet her!

^^ It has been so fun looking at all of those sweet little clothes and putting them away! ^^

Symptoms: Well, it’s the end of pregnancy, so you can assume I feel large, achy, and tired, haha. Actually, the more I hear from other pregnant women, the more grateful I am that pregnancy really hasn’t been that “awful” for me. My symptoms don’t seem to be anywhere near as bad as some people’s. I’m thankful for that! I haven’t had leg cramps, terrible heartburn, restless leg syndrome, etc.

I do still get dizzy from time to time, which is most often caused by one of two things: running around trying to accomplish errands/chores as if I weren’t pregnant, or sitting leaned back too much on the couch. Either of these things will cause me to be dizzy. (That’s why I’m sitting forward on the edge of my couch right now as I type this!) I try to combat it by staying hydrated, and trying to slow down if I remember to, haha.

Much of the running around for errands/chores happens in the mornings, when I have the most energy. I really feel most like “myself” in the mornings, and sometimes even forget I’m pregnant until BB gives me a good solid kick. 🙂 It’s a blessing to have energy spurts like this, so I try to take full advantage of them and get things done! This morning, I made sure I mopped all the floors, did the dishes, and cleaned the stairs before 8 am! And yesterday, I worked on cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, vacuuming the living room, straightening up around here, and did a couple loads of laundry in the morning. Nesting, anyone? 😉

But come afternoon or evening, I am suddenly reminded just how pregnant I am. All I want to do then is lay down on my side, haha. I’ve been going to bed fairly early. I haven’t taken naps recently, although maybe I should be. In the evenings, my stomach just feels SO heavy, like I’ve been carrying a bowling ball around all day (which I essentially have been!). That’s usually when my hips and back start to hurt more. As much as I’m a fan of having a clean kitchen, there have been a couple nights where I’ve left some dishes in the sink, because I knew my body would be aching far less if I did them the next morning.

Pregnancy brain has been an on and off thing lately, haha. I haven’t done anything super ridiculous these last couple weeks, but I do try to stay on top of things with a lot of lists laying around! 🙂

Missing: My pre-pregnancy body. I understand I may never 100% get that back, but I just mean I miss being able to bend over well and crouch to pick things up efficiently. Now days I have to heave myself out of bed. I literally have to emotionally prepare myself to get out of bed in the mornings, haha!

Wearing: Basically sweats. We’ve pretty much reached the “sweatpants/yoga pants and I don’t care” phase of pregnancy. Earlier this week, I did pull on maternity jeans to meet up with a friend at a coffee shop, but even my maternity jeans are not comfortable at this point. They really aren’t. Last week, I wore sweats to my doctor’s appointment and then to the grocery store, and I didn’t even care, haha. Sometimes, life isn’t about being cute – it’s about being comfortable! 😉 Luckily, when I do need to dress up more, I have fun maternity dresses from Pink Blush or ThredUp (or even that maxi dress from Brass Clothing). At this point, though, I don’t have much I need to dress up for, so I’m wearing loose-fitting clothing.

Craving: MINT. I am weirdly LOVING mint – I’ve always loved it, but it’s especially yummy to me now! I’m still loving Annie’s white cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese, and crunching on crisp apples. I love ice cold water, plain whole almonds, and Mexican food. Maybe we’ll just stop there and say I’m just hungry. 😉 The other night, Bjorn and I went out to supper with Bjorn’s dad and I requested Pizza Ranch when they asked me where I’d want to eat…then I proceeded to eat about 9 slices of pizza at the buffet!! Yikes! 🙂

Feeling: Nervous but excited. It’s just about “go time,” and there are a lot of unknowns for us as new parents. And it’s not just labor/childbirth, but the whole postpartum season that I know can be difficult. I’ve heard others’ rough stories from labor, birth, and the first year after having baby – a lot of them being shared online. I fully understand that I will soon know how difficult it all is; however, what I need to hear right now are all of the positive, happy stories! 🙂 I know a lot of other first-time moms feel that way, too. We’ve heard horror stories and we’d now like to get excited about some positive stories/outcomes! I think it’s all about perspective.

I’m also feeling very grateful for family and friends lately – anyone who has been helpful with baby preparations, gifts, encouragement…I know Bjorn and I will continue to appreciate others’ thoughtfulness after the baby comes – what a gift to know such thoughtful, kind people.

Looking forward to: Meeting our girl!!! We’re excited to see what she looks like and what her personality is like!

Bjorn is: Like any first-time dad, excited, but not knowing what to expect. I don’t know what really to expect, either! But he can’t wait to meet his baby girl!

Movements: BB is stretching and kicking more than ever! She is really running out of room in there! She is certainly strong – sometimes stretching her hands and her legs at the same time! Isn’t it remarkable to think that we all started out our lives in such a cramped, tiny space? I know she’s ready to have a bit more elbow room – she’ll just have to decide when! 🙂

She still generally follows her earlier patterns of crazy activity one day, and a sleepier day the next day…but at this point, I’d say she really is moving more than ever. She still quiets her kicks and stretches down at bedtime and is relatively calmer with tiny stretches during the night. (And yes, my fingers are still crossed that by some miracle, she’ll love being peaceful and sleeping at night, haha.)

BB still loves to kick when I play the Riverdance soundtrack. 🙂 I grew up listening to and watching Riverdance, and I like to pass that love along by playing it for her, too.

^^ Even though it was getting quite dark, we ran out last night and snapped some quick photos, just in case this is the last bumpdate post! 🙂 ^^

Sleep: I am getting up during the night one time most nights now. Some nights, I get up twice. (Hey, I made it pretty far into pregnancy without it, so I can’t complain!) Sometimes I do lay awake a bit longer, but that could also just be me processing everything that’s on my mind right now. Like I mentioned, BB has quieter movements during the night, most of which I’m probably not even perceiving as I sleep. I have been SO grateful this pregnancy for the ability to rest mostly through the night. It is such a blessing to wake up refreshed and not totally wiped. I get up with Bjorn in the mornings (for now), so we can spend some additional time together having breakfast before he leaves for work. Who knows what BB’s early morning schedule will look like once she comes, so we’re soaking in any “couple time” we’ve got right now! 🙂

I’ve had a couple crazier dreams lately, but nothing too scary. I still love my Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow (aff. link) for supporting my stomach. Now I am up to 4 pillows total at night, if you include the pillow for my head! Haha! It’s kind of crazy getting all the pillows situated when I lay down. And I do toss and turn during the night – mostly because I must turn over when my hips start to really ache – which requires all kinds of re-situating pillows. I know I will really enjoy the lack of extra pillows in bed once the baby comes.

Best moments: Bjorn’s aunts threw me a very sweet baby shower in Iowa at the end of September. It was such a special afternoon. I shared more about it in my September Recap post. Bjorn’s grandma (our baby’s great-grandma) gifted us a beautiful soft, pink baby blanket that she hand-stitched – a true treasure! All of the gifts were so thoughtful, and I marveled again at the blessing that marrying into this family has been for me. My in-laws truly feel like family to me, which I am so grateful for.

^^ Scored this tags-still-on Carter’s outfit for BB on the Kidizen app!! How cute is this? And does it come in my size? 🙂 ^^

I’ve been having a BLAST getting outfits for our little girl. Have you heard of the app called Kidizen? It’s one of those easy-to-navigate, easy-to-scroll-through apps where you can buy new or used baby/kids’ clothing (or toys/books). I’m kind of obsessed with Kidizen right now. I LOVE how shipping is included in the item prices that you see listed! I have a referral link I’d love to give you – it’ll give you $5 to spend! Just click the link about Kidizen on my Instagram profile!

My mom has been visiting frequently and helping with final baby preparations. Most recently, we got the nursery totally ready!! As in, everything is unwrapped, tags cut off, and even the changing table is all set with wipes and little diapers ready to be used! 🙂 My mom brought a beautiful white bookshelf, as well, which will really help us manage BB’s ever-growing collection of books. 🙂 Even though she will most likely stay with us in our bedroom at first, I am in love with how sweet and peaceful the nursery has turned out! What do you think?

Well, this may be the last bumpdate post before you see a baby announcement!!!! Who knows?! For now, make sure you are following me on Instagram (because I do more daily updates there, especially on Insta Stories), and be sure to subscribe to Just Bee’s email list!!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your “final” pre-baby post! You and Bjorn are going to be the greatest parents, and I’m excited for you! I’m praying for an easy delivery (with your doctor present) and a baby girl who likes to sleep through the night. Our daughter slept through the night after she was 8 days old—-from about 11 pm to 6 am. What a blessing that was! You’re going to do great, and so is your baby! Everyone has their own special “horror” stories, but the blessings outweigh any of the little issues. You’ll do great, and will probably make it all look easy! Ha! Blessings to your little family as this week progresses. Hugs!

  2. It is so exciting that at any moment she could come. I truly loved my weeks on maternity leave after Rory was born. Once you get on a schedule/ into a routine, you get to enjoy it so much more. I would love just snuggling with her, while drinking my morning coffee, sitting on the couch with the dogs and watching a show. Going back to work was a huge struggle for me and still is.

    By the way, Rory goes crazy in her exersaucer when we put riverdance music on. It’s like she is actually doing the dancing, keeping up with the beat and everything… we definitely plan on putting her in (at least) Irish dance classes.


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