Week 35-36 Bumpdate


Although time is definitely going by quickly, these weeks are feeling longer than before…especially since we’re nearing the end of pregnancy! Here’s the most recent bumpdate!

Week 35-36 Bumpdate:

How far along: 35 and 36 weeks (I am 37 weeks along today!) – there are only about 3 weeks left!!! It’s crazy to think she could technically come at any time now!!

Size of the baby: My pregnancy app says she’s the size of a honeydew melon at this point (37 weeks). Wow! I certainly feel like she is, haha.

According to my Ovia app, we are most definitely in the homestretch. Hooray! Nine months of pregnancy is quite the journey. The app says that BB is getting ready to breathe and she is just about her birth size now. She is considered “near-term.” She is probably over 6 pounds now (although I really have no idea how big she will be at birth! It’s a hard thing to estimate). Now she is just working on adding on all her baby fat!

I loved reading that BB’s reflexes are really good by now. Apparently if we were to put our finger in the middle of her palm, she’d grip her hand around our finger!

Weight gain: I honestly have no idea. I know my doctor isn’t concerned about it, but I just feel large at this point, haha. I’m looking forward to eventually being smaller and feeling like myself again.

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Gender: GIRL!!! As the days go by, I’m getting even more excited to be having a little girl! Bjorn is so excited, too. He grew up with three sisters and I know he’ll be amazing as a daddy to a little girl. She’s going to love him so much!

We still know what her first name will be (Bjorn and I have agreed on this name from the start!), and we’re mostly decided on her middle name.


Oh boy. End-of-pregnancy symptoms are not always fun, haha. However, I have to say, I’ve generally had a really easy pregnancy and have very little to “complain” about. I didn’t realize how nice my pregnancy has been until I started hearing what a lot of other women’s reality is! So, I’m thankful that this is my situation!

My back aches and tingles, and my pelvis aches — sometimes, it’s aggravated by standing or sitting weirdly, but sometimes it just plain happens no matter what.

I went to the chiropractor last week and I’ll go again next week. I usually go to the chiropractor only about twice a year, but I just like to make sure everything’s aligned well because pregnancy and childbirth are such intense things for your body to go through!

My back especially hurts when I do the dishes (we don’t own a dishwasher, so I do a lot of dishes!). But I’ve found that sitting down in the middle of a dishwashing “session” and forcing myself to take an uncharacteristic break, haha, is a good idea.

I mentioned in my last bumpdate that I was having dizzy spells. I ended up calling the doctor last week because I felt I just couldn’t take in a deep breath, and no matter how hydrated I was or how I sat or walked, I was so dizzy! (Being lightheaded freaks me out – I have a couple family members who struggle with it more than I do, but I know there’s the potential for fainting so I get nervous.) Luckily, I had a doctor’s appointment the next morning, and they checked my blood pressure and everything was just fine.

The dizziness has actually gone away – I just realized this! – and I think it’s because baby girl has finally dropped!! She is definitely lower than before. Yay! It makes me use the restroom more, but I have more lung space now. 🙂

I still like to push myself physically (whoops) with household tasks like cleaning, laundry, making beds, carrying lots of grocery bags, and walking too quickly. That’s when I get more intense Braxton Hicks and have to slow down. Bjorn’s been reminding me not to overdo it (especially with him out of town this week) but it’s hard to slow down when I have the energy!

I’ve had a couple actual contractions this week (I think?!?). They’re more intense and less comfortable than the general Braxton Hicks. I know, everyone says, “When it’s an actual contraction, you’ll know,” but everyone’s bodies are different. Sometimes women don’t realize they’ve been having contractions!

I’m definitely more energetic in the mornings. I’ve realized that’s a good time to be running errands – not when I’m feeling sleepy or extra heavy in the afternoons/evenings.

My hips are still achy, but the past couple days, they haven’t been that bad.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that pregnancy brain has come back in full swing. Well, guess what? It’s still here, haha! I literally put my car keys in the freezer yesterday. I didn’t even realize they were gone until my sister-in-law found them in there! And I NEVER do dumb things like that! It’s partly hilarious and partly terrifying. I’m trying to combat pregnancy brain by writing detailed lists and checking them twice!

Missing: My pre-pregnancy body. I’m looking forward to having my center of gravity back and not feeling like I’m carrying a large bowling ball around! 🙂

Wearing: Sweatpants around the house, and maternity jeans only when necessary (when I am in public), haha. Even my maternity band on my maternity jeans seems way too tight. 🙂 Oh well. We’re almost there!

What’s funny is I had purchased some maternity items for fall; I’ve been looking forward to wearing them but tomorrow, the first day of fall, is supposed to feel like 90 degrees here in southern Minnesota!! Wow! So, I don’t know how much cool weather clothing I’ll be wearing these last 3 weeks of pregnancy. It’s one of those things I tried to plan ahead for but you can’t always anticipate weather like that!

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Craving: I’m still LOVING Annie’s brand mac ‘n’ cheese, especially the white cheddar variety! I’m also loving the smells of lavender and mint! I’ve been drinking a lot of ice cold spring water, and eating plain almonds or Wheat Thins as a frequent snack. They’re so good!

Feeling: I’ve been more emotional or hormonal lately – getting frustrated at situations that shouldn’t be a big deal…or randomly crying because I love Bjorn and the baby so much, or crying because I got sad over something small…haha. It’s just part of the package, I guess! 😉

While it’s bittersweet not to be at school this year, and I really miss the kids, I’m so thankful I get to be at home with our daughter. She and I will have to get into a nice routine once she comes! For now, I’m in a weird in-between season where I’m not teaching, but not holding a baby… At least I can get all my nesting in!

I’m also feeling very grateful for both my family and Bjorn’s family. Bjorn is out of town for over 5 days right now for army training, and his family is watching out for me. Even though we don’t think baby will come this week, I feel so reassured having my sister-in-law Signe staying overnight with me — plus, we have a lot of fun together! 🙂 Signe and my in-laws have been huge helps and I appreciate all of their thoughtfulness!

My parents came down last weekend to do some house projects and Bjorn and I were again so grateful for their servant-hearts and all of their thoughtful help! The projects they’ve done around here (like sanding and repainting old windowsills, putting up shelves, organizing, putting in a new bathroom sink, and way more) will make a big difference for us, especially once baby is here!

I’m just feeling so thankful for everyone who has been so kind and helpful! It really adds to the fun anticipation before BB arrives!

I have also been nesting like CRAZY! But not really in the nursery decorating sense, like I thought I would. Instead, I’ve been doing some pretty intense recipe planning and freezer crockpot meal prep!

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The other way I’ve been nesting a lot is buying some gorgeous baby clothes and shoes for BB on an awesome app called Kidizen! I’ll share more about Kidizen later, but for now, here’s my referral link if you’d like $5 to spend on it!!

Looking forward to:

A baby shower thrown by Bjorn’s aunts this weekend – I feel so honored!!

Meeting BB oh-so-soon!

Bjorn is: still really looking forward to being a daddy. He is going to be the best daddy bear ever!! He is already protective of her and so attentive to me, despite how busy he is! I am so grateful for Bjorn.

He had a bad cold a week ago but we fought it hard and it seems he beat it! And (fingers crossed) I don’t think I caught it!!

Movement: Baby girl loves to move! She is still following her own little pattern of about one active day, then one low-key day, and so on. But I have noticed she is more active and strong now days. She’s definitely running out of room for stretching and kicking in there!

I’m still loving when she gets hiccups. It’s the sweetest!

BB still slows down her movements around bedtime. I am SO grateful for that. Is it too ridiculously hopeful to hope that she likes to sleep during the night when she comes? 😉

Sleep: I still don’t usually get up during the night, which is awesome. I’m so tired by evening that I just sleep the whole night through! I just get up early-ish to use the bathroom.

My Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow (aff. link) has been great for supporting my stomach and I have another small pillow I put between my knees to help support my hips. In future pregnancies, though, I may look into getting a Snoogle or some other bigger pregnancy pillow.

Best moments: Imagining what she looks like!! I can’t wait to hold her and look into her eyes!! I recently found a photo of myself as a baby and I realized it looks exactly like one of the photos I’ve seen of Bjorn as a baby! Haha. It’s safe to say our child will look a lot like…..either of us! 😉

We have now had 2 of our 3 childbirth classes. It is wonderful to have more information! I am continually impressed by our hospital and what they offer — I mean, whirlpool tubs and free ICEE slushies, among other neat things?! 🙂

I got a prenatal massage yesterday and it was AMAZING!!! I’m so glad I went for it. 🙂 I felt so relaxed and it was just such a blessing to have some knots worked out.

Some big news: we bought a DRYER and a CHEST FREEZER!!!! We scored some great deals with Home Depot’s Labor Day sale and I am so happy! We still have to get the dryer set up, but friends, I have not lived with a dryer for all 4 years I’ve lived in this house – I’ve line-dried all our clothes – and words cannot express how excited I am! We’ve been able to save a good amount of money over the years by not having a dryer – but I’m really looking forward to using it.

Also, having a chest freezer is already such a blessing! With all my crazy crockpot meal prep and nesting, it is so nice to have extra freezer space!

Finally, I recently found this hilarious video comparing 1st and 3rd pregnancies…I’m so much like the 1st pregnancy person, it’s bad. But I laughed so hard. At some point, I’ve gotta embrace the type of mama I am. 😉


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  1. I can’t believe you’re so close to the end!

    My pregnancies are rough to say the least. I’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow with baby #2 and already had to buy a support belt for my back. It is crazy.

    As for contractions, I wouldn’t say you will for sure know. I thought I might be having them when I was 38 weeks 2 days and the midwife said she didn’t think I was (but I actually was!). At 38 weeks 4 days, I kind of knew they were actual contractions but was so in denial. My husband was freaking out as I refused to go to the hospital yet and when I finally agreed, I took my good old time getting ready. Our little girl was born that day just before midnight.


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