Week 29-30 Bumpdate


It’s time for another pregnancy update! I love documenting the pregnancy this way – it will be so fun to look back on later. Today I’m sharing about weeks 29-30.

Week 29-30 Bumpdate:

How far along: 29 and 30 weeks (I am 31 weeks along today!) – only 9 weeks left!

We are in the 3rd trimester – the home stretch!

Size of the baby: a cantaloupe (at 30 weeks) – baby weighs about 3.5 lbs.!

** I’m still loving my Ovia app. I highly recommend this one! It’s the only pregnancy app I currently have, after trying different apps in the past.

According to my app, baby is starting to put on even more weight each week as we get closer to meeting her! Grow, baby girl, grow! She’ll need that fat to help regulate her body temperature. Her vision is still developing, even though she can already open her eyes.

^^ Almost 30 weeks! ^^

Weight gain: I honestly don’t know! I think I’ve been hovering around the 15 or 16 pounds mark, although with our baby potentially gaining a half pound per week, it’ll increase some more! I’m celebrating the weight gain, since I am still in the healthy range, and I am celebrating the fact that gaining a healthy amount is benefiting the baby!

I still look very obviously pregnant! Woo hoo! 😉 It is harder for me to go up stairs now days, although it probably doesn’t look like that much of a struggle to others…I just get more out of breath. It’s the most I’ve ever weighed, so my body is adjusting to carrying around extra pounds! And I’m always tempted to powerwalk around like I’m used to, so that tires me out even more, haha!

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Gender: GIRL!!! 🙂 We have her first name chosen but we won’t be sharing it until she gets here. For now, we call her BB or BeeBee, just as a fun nickname. 🙂

Symptoms: I have spurts of energy – the funny thing is, they tend to come something like every other day. 🙂 So, some days are just more low-key, and other days, I’m running around organizing and cleaning! I’m trying not to make myself feel guilty for the times I need to take it slower… I just make sure I take advantage of the energy when I do have it, and get things done!

Like I mentioned in my last pregnancy update, I realize I’ve probably been having Braxton Hicks contractions more than I thought! They’re not bad but I can definitely tell when my stomach tightens up uncomfortably.

No stretch marks yet – yay! I put Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks (aff. link) on daily. The only ligament pain has been if I sneeze super hard, haha. Then, it hurts!

My hips and pelvis do ache quite a bit. On the more “rough” mornings, it takes some time for the aching joints to subside. That’s okay, though. I’ve always had interesting hips (think: super great turnout for ballet) so who knows? 🙂 I know it’s most likely my ligaments loosening and doing what they’re supposed to.

Some days, I do get a bad headache, but that’s probably because I always need to be drinking more water! Still very few leg cramps, and I’d attribute that to the fact that I’m eating 1-2 bananas a day in my morning smoothies.

I haven’t noticed any feet or leg swelling – we’ll see how the next few weeks go, though! I’ve had some nausea return in the past week or so, which seems weird since that’s more of a first trimester thing. But I just try to control it with eating well and staying hydrated.

Missing: I’m missing sushi big-time! And some deli meat sandwiches sound nice, too!

Wearing: I still reach for my favorite Brass maxi dress that still miraculously fits over the baby bump! (See pic below.) But most days it’s still a T-shirt with my beloved jeans from Pink Blush…or yoga pants. 😉

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Craving: Indian food!! But, when you live far from a big restaurant selection like we do, you can’t just announce your craving and automatically go get it. The way pregnancy cravings work around here is, I’ll crave it, then I’ll wait 1-2 months. Haha! That’s probably good for me.

I’m still eating pretty healthy food! Hooray! I feel better when I don’t eat junk. And we’re not keeping junk food around anymore, which really helps.

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Feeling: My eyes will randomly fill with tears, haha – and I’ll get a little emotional about silly stuff.

I’m also feeling a little strange about the fact that I’m not teaching this school year – I mean, if you count all the “back-to-school” seasons I’ve had, including growing up and college years and teaching years…this will be the first time in TWENTY-TWO years that I haven’t “gone back to school.” Needless to say, I’ve got mixed feelings about it, since I’m so used to late August being used to prep for an upcoming school year. But I am so, so excited that I get to stay home with our daughter this year, and I’m thankful that we’re able to make it work!!

Looking forward to: Our little getaway coming up soon!! I can’t wait to share more about it later! A babymoon together will be so special. 🙂 Also, is it weird that I’m looking forward to our childbirth classes? I do like being informed! We took an infant care/breastfeeding class already and I enjoyed getting more information and getting a feel for the hospital’s atmosphere.

Bjorn is: looking forward to being a daddy to our little girl. 🙂

Movement: Baby is active a good amount of the time, with stretches and kicks! She is certainly getting stronger. It makes me happy to know she’s growing well, but it is getting less comfortable. It’s crazy how much she moves my stomach around when she moves! Sometimes it looks totally lopsided because she’s over on one side…and then she rearranges herself and moves to the other side! I have noticed she tends to kick more sharply when I’m hungry or it’s time to eat. 🙂

Sleep: I’ve had some weird dreams lately, and one morning last week, I woke up at 4:30 and never went back to sleep. So, my sleeping habits are changing a little. I toss and turn a lot more, mostly because of baby kicking or aching hips. I still don’t get up in the middle of the night (yay!) but I do get up earlier in the morning.

My Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow (aff. link) has been great for supporting my stomach and I have another small pillow I put between my knees to help support my hips.

Best moments: Imagining the little person she is. We are so excited to meet her! We like to stop by Goodwill and purchase books to add to her collection. I was playing the song “Ashokan Farewell” the other day and she really started to dance in there! She loved it! So, I put it on repeat and played it a few more times…and she kept dancing. It was so sweet!

We’ve got a couple baby showers coming up and I am so touched and grateful for the people in our lives who love us and already love our daughter! Some gifts have arrived at our house and it blesses me so much. Cue the happy tears! 🙂

Also, baby girl started getting (noticeable) hiccups lately, which I absolutely love! I first noticed them at 29 weeks. Her hiccups are so precious – they’re consistent and fast little twitches in one spot, and even Bjorn has been able to feel her hiccups from the outside! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Janean! I’m so glad you enjoy reading along! 🙂 I’d love it if you shared the post with them – I know Grandma likes to hear pregnancy updates! And if she knows how to access my blog, you can let her know that I post pregnancy updates every other week! 🙂 Have fun with them in MT!

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