Week 27-28 Bumpdate


Time continues to pass by quickly, and the third trimester is here! Today I’m sharing about weeks 27-28 of expecting our little girl!

Week 27-28 Bumpdate:

How far along: 27-28 weeks (I am 29 weeks along today!) — only 11 weeks left!

We officially entered the third trimester, once we got to 28 weeks!!

Size of the baby: a bunch of bananas (at 27 weeks) – baby weighs about 2.5 lbs.!

** I love my Ovia app – I highly recommend this one! It’s the only one I currently have, after trying different pregnancy apps in the past.

According to my pregnancy app, baby continues to practice things like coughing, and also has REM dreams! She can open and close her eyes at this point and her immune system is developing more and more. She is becoming less wrinkly because she is putting on more fat! And my app also says that BB (as we call her for now) is growing hair! However, I was basically bald till I was maybe 2 and a half, haha…so, I’m not so sure she has hair at this point! 🙂

Weight gain: still about 15-16 pounds.

I’m definitely looking pregnant! It’s certainly not something I can hide at this point. 🙂

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Gender: GIRL!!! 🙂 We have her first name chosen but we won’t be sharing it. For now, we call her BB or BeeBee. 🙂

^^ Our little girl’s first bows! ^^

Symptoms: It’s funny because I never really felt that huge, ideal burst of energy during the second trimester…but at the start of the third trimester (once I hit 28 weeks), I started feeling more energy! Most of the time, I can walk with a spring in my step (and not too slowly, though I know that will change!) across parking lots and up and down the stairs. I’m grateful for that energy right now. Sometimes, baby does sit low and slow me down a little more uncomfortably, though. I can definitely tell she is getting larger!

I’ve realized recently that I’ve probably been having more Braxton Hicks than I thought. They aren’t super intense but when your whole stomach tightens up almost uncomfortably, and then goes away with movement, it sure makes you wonder! I’m glad my body is practicing all the things it needs to.

I haven’t noticed any swelling or stretch marks so far. I do put Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks (aff. link) on daily. The only ligament pain has been if I sneeze super hard, haha. Then, it hurts!

My hips have really started to ache more in the past week. It usually takes a couple hours for the aches to go away in the morning. I’ve also noticed my fingernails are growing like crazy! It’s funny all the little things there are to notice during pregnancy.

I haven’t had leg cramps (except for 2 nights) and I think it’s on account of all the bananas I’m consuming in my smoothies!

Missing: I’m missing sushi a LOT lately, haha. Bjorn and I have a favorite, high-quality sushi place that I’ve been wishing I could go to lately. Maybe that’s because summer seems like the ideal time to do fun little outings like that…but I’m holding off until October. It’ll be a fun treat later on.

Wearing: I still reach for my favorite Brass maxi dress that still miraculously fits over the baby bump! But most days it’s still a T-shirt with my beloved jeans from Pink Blush.

Craving: Indian food!! Someone, please take me to an Indian restaurant! 🙂

But in actuality, Bjorn and I have been eating a lot more healthy these past couple weeks, which has been awesome! I’ve been focusing on healthy smoothies (and even the occasional chocolate protein shake!) and just plain “cleaner” eating. My mind has felt more clear and my body has felt more energetic and strong. Although I would still love to eat a whole bag of Doritos, I want to help baby girl and myself stay healthier in life by making good food choices. You know what has helped me stick with it? Actually, watching a lot of healthy living/eating documentaries on Netflix while I do dishes or clean! I’ve watched a good number of them, but I’m pretty sure my favorites were “Hungry For Change” and “In Defense of Food.”

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Feeling: Emotional on and off. There are moments when it really hits me just how soon she is coming, and I get overwhelmed by it all! But then there are moments of excitement and great anticipation! It still feels surreal a lot of the time, though.

Looking forward to: A fun summer trip we have coming up! And working on the nursery. It’s really coming together! Those baby products I mentioned have arrived and they are so fun! If you missed the round-up post, you can find it here.

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I’m also looking forward to….being home with baby girl next school year! The school board recently approved my request to take next school year off for a parental care leave. I am really excited to spend time all day every day with my baby girl. <3

Bjorn is: doing so well. He is looking forward to meeting our little girl and he has been watching out for me and how I’m feeling/doing, as always. I’m really grateful for him!

Movement: Baby girl is definitely active! I still think she likes to have a quieter day and then a more active day, and back and forth like that…. But lately she has been extra active. She especially kicks when I lay down at night, making it hard to fall asleep! BB is a strong kicker! Sometimes it’s sharper jabs – which is funny because we think she gets grumpy just like her mama does when we’re hungry and don’t get food right away! But most of the time, she’s just rearranging herself and moving around in there with stretches or flips or something. You can watch my stomach move around a good amount at this point! I know people come up to me and want to feel baby kick, but she really seems to not kick on command, haha. I’ve realized you just have to wait for it to happen!

Sleep: I’m not actually getting up in the middle of the night…which is fine with me! (I just get up early.) Like I mentioned, BB kicks a good amount when I first go to bed. She doesn’t generally wake me up with kicking during the night, which I’m thankful for.

I am still obsessed with my Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow (aff. link)…but now I’ve added a second little pillow into the mix. The Hiccapop wedge pillow is for under my tummy when I’m on my side, but I also put a small pillow between my knees at night to help my hips.

Best moments: Probably nursery planning and also dreaming about what she’s like. 🙂

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