Week 25-26 Bumpdate


Time is sure flying by! Today I’m sharing about weeks 25 and 26 of this pregnancy!

Week 25-26 Bumpdate:

How far along: 25-26 weeks (I am 27 weeks along today!) — only 13 weeks left!

Size of the baby: butternut squash (at 26 weeks) – baby weighs almost 2 lbs. and is about 15 inches long!

** I love my Ovia app – I highly recommend this one! It’s the only one I currently have, after trying different pregnancy apps in the past.

According to my pregnancy app, baby’s “organ systems are pretty much fully-developed, so most of her growth and progression is now in her brain.” She is also now opening and closing her eyes. Her brain is developing rapidly now, and can control her lungs and regulate her body temperature better.

Weight gain: about 15-16 pounds.

I definitely look pregnant, that’s for sure. Some days, when I look down, I don’t feel that pregnant, but then I look in the mirror and gasp – who is that pregnant woman?! 😉

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Gender: GIRL!!! We do have her name picked out (although the middle name has been a bit more tricky to 100% decide on) but we won’t be sharing it until she’s here. We’ve been referring to her as BB or BeeBee – her nickname for now. 🙂

Bjorn and I were both in the wedding party for his sister Amy’s wedding on July 1st! It was a super fun day! I’m thrilled the bridesmaid dress fit, too! 😉 We enjoyed family, food, and a lot of dancing!! (No, I did not sit on the sidelines – why miss the opportunity to dance to the Cupid Shuffle?!)

^^ Wedding day fun with my little fam ^^

Symptoms: My energy levels come and go. I haven’t really had any intense Braxton Hicks since those bigger ones at about 23 weeks. I am certainly feeling larger, haha! And more tired, just because this is the most weight I’ve ever carried around, and the summer heat can feel extra muggy.

This isn’t really a pregnancy symptom, but my seasonal allergies seem to be going away. I managed to totally avoid taking any allergy medicine, so I’m pretty happy about that!

I haven’t had any swelling in my legs or feet. No stretch marks so far – I do put Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks (aff. link) on daily. The only ligament pain has been if I sneeze super hard, haha. Then, it hurts! My hips do ache, especially when I wake up in the morning.

Baby girl is kicking a lot! More on that later.

So, I mentioned in my last bumpdate that I had my 1-hour glucose test. Well, guess what. I failed it. 🙁 I only failed it by 5 points but it still meant I had to do the heavy-duty glucose challenge test. This involved another sugary drink and 4 total blood draws, over a 3-hour span. Yuck. I did NOT feel well that whole morning at the doctor’s office. (I’m one of those people who needs food every couple hours or I’ll feel faint/sad, so fasting and then dumping pure sugar in my system was not fun in the least.) But, thankfully, I did pass that test so I don’t have gestational diabetes!!

We celebrated by going out for Mexican food that day after the testing was done, but then that night I got sick because of food poisoning or all the rich food, so that was super sad. Bjorn set up an air mattress downstairs near me while I slept on the couch. What an amazing man! He is so thoughtful in how he always looks out for me.

Missing: Not sure! It’s funny how once you can’t have something, you start to want it. I never was a huge fan of deli meat or hot dogs, but now I find myself eyeing those products in the grocery store. Maybe I’m also missing having a flat stomach and seeing my feet as well. 🙂 But it’s worth it.

Wearing: Let’s be honest, T-shirts and sweats, or T-shirts and basketball shorts around the house. For more casual outings, I’ll pull on a T-shirt with my beloved jeans from Pink Blush. If there’s a little event or party, I’ll probably wear my favorite Brass maxi dress that still miraculously fits over the baby bump!

Craving: Ice cream sandwiches. I LOVE them so much! Actually, Bjorn and I have recently revamped our entire diet, and I just ate my last ice cream sandwich (which you may have seen on my Instagram Stories, haha). So…despite what I may be craving, we are eating healthier now. I’ve been doing more clean eating meal planning lately. Although it takes a mental shift to get into new eating habits, I really am enjoying it. I want what I put into my body to keep me (and baby girl!) healthier.

Feeling: I’ve been emotional on and off. Mostly, even though I’m super obviously pregnant, it still feels super surreal to me. Maybe it’s that way for your first one? Doing things like decorating the nursery help to make it feel more real, but it’s still crazy to me to think that we’ll have a little person joining us in just 3 months!!

^^ Ginger the Bear is showcasing my new favorite children’s book! “You Belong Here” is absolutely amazing! ^^

Looking forward to: Fun summer adventures, and continuing to piece the nursery together! I have some decor items arriving next week for her nursery and I’m loving how this nursery theme is looking so far! 🙂

There will also be some fun baby products on the blog soon!

Bjorn is: still really looking forward to being our little girl’s daddy. He has been a huge help for me lately – just watching out for me, my diet, my hydration, etc. He did an awesome job putting together baby girl’s crib! Bjorn loves that he can feel her kick now days!

Movement: There were 3-4 days last week where I barely felt her at all and it worried me a little! But then she started kicking again with a vengeance. Maybe we have a little Riverdancer on our hands. 😉 Recently, there was about a 30-hour stretch where she was kicking nearly constantly! Some of the really strong kicks almost hurt, and they make me tired, but it is reassuring to know she is growing stronger by the day!

At our doctor’s appointment yesterday, the doctor was listening for her heartbeat (it’s strong!) and then she turned and gave the dopplar instrument a huge, loud (and precise) kick! She sure was feeling fiesty yesterday – it was hilarious!

She’s still at the stage where she can flip around in all directions, so I think she’s enjoying that before she runs out of room in there!

Sleep: I’m not actually getting up in the middle of the night…which is fine with me! (I just get up early.) I do wake up more achy and uncomfortable in the mornings. I am still obsessed with my Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow (aff. link).

No horrible crazy dreams (whew). When BB decides she is ready for me to get up in the morning, she has started kicking me regardless of what side I lay on! That’s happened a few days now. So, I just get up for the day instead of getting stronger and stronger kicks, haha. I actually have been sleeping well, though.

Best moments: Passing the 3-hour glucose test – I’m so glad I don’t have gestational diabetes!

Nursery decorating, because it’s coming together more and more. The dresser is finally done!!

^^ Our little girl got to spend time at her great-great-grandparents’ farm place! What a special heritage she is inheriting! ^^

We had a family reunion for Bjorn’s maternal grandmother’s side of the family. It was fun to see relatives. The coolest part was thinking about all of the family history there! The reunion was held at a farm place where Bjorn’s great-grandparents had lived. It was so neat that our baby girl was there with us, exploring the farm where her great-great-grandparents lived!!

Reading to her! Now that we have her glider chair where we want it in her room, I’ve been rocking there and reading books out loud to her. I have to say that reading books to my children is something I’ve looked forward to for so many years! I loved reading out loud to my 3rd grade students, and nanny kids in the past, but this will be really special. If you haven’t realized it yet, we’re pretty big into reading around here. 🙂 It’ll be so fun!

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