Week 19-22 Bumpdate


Today I wanted to share about weeks 19 through 22 of expecting our little girl!

Week 19-22 Bumpdate:

How far along: 19-22 weeks (I am 23 weeks along now!)

Size of the baby: ear of corn (at 22 weeks)

Weight gain: about 11 pounds?

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Gender: GIRL!!! 🙂 We are SO excited! She is going to be one loved little lady!

We had our gender reveal party at the start of June (at 21 weeks), which was one of the best days of our life so far! It was so much fun. Bjorn and I also have her name picked out but we won’t be sharing it until she’s here!

Symptoms: I’ve been pretty sleepy and enjoying naps more than usual. I used to loathe napping (I would always wake up not knowing what year it was, haha!) but pregnancy has changed THAT! Naps are amazing now. 🙂

Braxton Hicks started for me at the end of 22 weeks…I’ll share more about that in our next bumpdate post.

They always say that the 2nd trimester is when you’re full of energy before the exhausting (and feeling large) 3rd trimester hits…but I’m kind of still waiting for that energy surge to happen, haha. Oh well! I am so grateful to be not feeling sick anymore.

Missing: I’m not really missing anything lately…

Wearing: These jeans from Pink Blush, combined with some non-maternity tops. Now that it’s summer, I’m just wearing whatever non-maternity T-shirt I find… (I call them “camp T-shirts”) and they seem to work well…for now! Around the house, I can still wear my favorite college sweatpants, too. I will wear dresses when I need to look a little more decent. 😉

^^ baby GIRL bump at 21 weeks! ^^

Craving: Still craving apples! And pasta. I’m loving ice-cold water lately, too! And I’m thrilled whenever I can stop by McDonalds and grab a hot fudge sundae.

Feeling: I haven’t been super emotional lately, although of course I’ve had my moments of fear or worry or crying for no reason.

I’m now realizing that I’ve moved from the category of just feeling SICK to being a PARENT! It’s a crazy “aha” moment in pregnancy and I’m sure it hits at a different time for everyone! There’s a little being growing inside me and we’ve got to raise this little girl well! It’s overwhelming but I know we will be okay – we’ll be intentional, we’ll rely on God, and we’ll take it one day at a time. And I’m grateful to have Bjorn at my side in this whole new journey.

Looking forward to: Well…not really looking forward to the glucose test, haha. But I do like going to the doctor in the sense that it’s always good to check up on baby.

I’m also getting excited about some neat collaborations coming up on the blog soon! (Hint: they’re baby-related!) We also ordered our glider for baby girl and I can’t wait till it arrives and we can get it set up in her nursery!

Bjorn is: His normal steady self. He is going to be an amazing Papa Bear! It’ll be fun to celebrate him with a little gift from baby and me on Father’s Day this weekend. 🙂 Bjorn has been great about ensuring I’m eating enough and resting comfortably whenever possible. He takes such good care of me!

Movement: Little girl is stretching and moving around more lately! Her little kicks have woken me up in the middle of the night, and they’ve accompanied me while I blog or work on other things throughout the day. Bjorn even got to feel her kick from the outside the other day!!

Sleep: I’m loving naps like I mentioned above! I am so grateful it’s summertime now, so that I am not getting up at 5:40 anymore. I’m still a morning person, but I prefer something in the 7 0’clock range. 😉 I get up to use the bathroom once per night now.

Also I had a dream where I was running desperately towards a store’s case of doughnuts, pushing people out of the way, so…. let the weird dreams (and pregnancy cravings?) continue, haha.

Best moments: Waking up to little baby kicks. It’s the weirdest feeling, but it’s reassuring and sweet. I know she’ll continue to get stronger over time so I’m relishing these non-painful little kicks now, haha. And her little girl outfits are so darn cute, too!

^^ The “actual size” will be a bit messed up here on the computer since it is actual size on my phone, but how sweet is this little handprint on my Ovia app?? I love seeing how big her hand is! ^^

We’ve been given a few little outfits for her from friends recently, and now that we know we’re having a girl, it’s so sweet seeing pink onesies and flowery designs laid out in her room! 🙂 It’s also been a blast starting to pick items for her registry! (We’ve got one at Target and one at Babylist.com!)


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  1. You are blessed to be over the sickness part! On to the fun part of treasuring each moment, even before she gets here. It is good to consciously be aware of what you are exposing your child to, as you carry them around for 9 months! What a gift!

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