7 Ways to Slow Down And Savor Your Current Season

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I feel like a broken record saying this, but life just flies along at a crazy pace sometimes, doesn’t it? And the speed of it all seems to be ever-increasing.

In our society, it’s as if we only have a couple seconds to focus on any given topic at a time! Even when I’m scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, if I refresh my feed, the current photo at the top is immediately gone and it’s on to the supposed next-best thing…

But this pace of life, although exciting, is draining with its constant clamor for “new-new-new.” I like staying up-to-date on social media just like anyone else, but…

Sometimes we just HAVE to slow down! It’s part of the self-care journey, actually. So today I’ve compiled some ways to slow down and really enjoy life just where we’re at!

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7 Ways To Slow Down And Savor Your Current Season:

1 // Plan ahead! This may sound counterintuitive, because why fill a planner when you’re trying to simplify?…but it really is a great way to streamline your life! I had a couple months during this school year where I didn’t use my planner as well as I should have, and I suffered from it! I felt more stressed and scatterbrained. When you map out how your upcoming weeks or months will look like, it helps you to take a step back and relax, knowing that you have a solid schedule you can always refer to.

2 // Keep a journal or diary. For me, personal reflections happen on my blog or my Instagram, but I definitely used to keep a journal. (And keeping a journal on a trip or vacation also really helps the memories soak in!) It’d be fun to get back into paper-and-pencil journaling someday, but for now, blogging is a great way to record life’s happenings! Writing poetry has also been a great way for me to reflect on life. Do you like to write poetry or journal?

3 // Peaceful music. For some reason, pulling up a peaceful playlist crafts a more sentimental, beautiful moment – even if you’re doing something as simple or supposedly boring as washing the dishes! Music helps people to live in the moment, in my opinion. It’s always worth turning on some tunes and slowing down!

I’ve shared my low-key music playlist before, but here it is again in case you missed it! I’ve added a few more of my favorite peaceful songs as well.

4 // Make time for daily prayer. Spending time reading the Bible in the mornings and talking with God throughout the day really help my overall attitude and focus. Remembering how great and gracious our Creator is always results in an attitude shift for me.

5 // Watch for smaller moments to be grateful for. It’s funny, but sometimes it’s really that simple! Have you read the book “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp? I love that book! She writes so poetically about her journey to savor God’s gifts in the everyday. Even if you don’t keep a list-type journal like she does, it’s still meaningful to actively notice the small joys around you!

6 // Make time for quiet evenings at home. Frankly, it’s hard for me to savor life’s moments when I’m constantly running around. Although events and outings can be fun and special, there is also a time and a place for a peaceful evening in. This is also part of self-care and knowing when to slow down and say “no.” So, even during a busy season of life, it’s important to set aside time to have a night of “nothing” – which, in fact, can be especially meaningful!

7 // Document it! I know we live in a day and age full of documenting life on social media…but, whether or not you post your photos to your social accounts, I highly recommend snapping daily life-type photos regardless! Because keeping little snippets of life in a tangible way is going to mean a lot to you once these fleeting days (and years) have flown by.

How do you slow down and savor your current season? 

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  1. This are some really great tips,thank you! I used to write poetry when I was in my teens and 20s but haven’t lately. I think I’ve already mentioned this to you,but I’m glad I found your blog last year- I enjoy reading it!

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