Valentine’s Day Pretzel Sparklers


Valentine’s Day sure is fun. There’s nothing quite like having an entire day dedicated to demonstrating your love towards others! (And a part of me asks: shouldn’t that be every day??) Another fun part of this holiday is the fact that it’s an excuse to enjoy special little treats we may not normally make the time or effort to create!

Today I’m sharing with you an incredibly simple (read: last minute!) and delicious Valentine’s Day treat! The inspiration for these edible “sparklers” comes from the red, white, and blue pretzel sparklers we used to make for the 4th of July when I was younger. You can essentially make these for any holiday – but this week’s focus is looooove and red and pink, so without further adieu:

Valentine’s Day Pretzel Sparklers



1 lb. almond bark (I bought the kind that comes in breakable squares)

12 oz. bag of pretzel rods
(Note: these were not at my local grocery store, but after some scrounging around, I discovered them at Kwik Trip!)

Festive sprinkles

What to Do:

Line a baking sheet (or large plate or platter) with wax paper. Tear another equal-sized piece of wax paper so you have it ready for the second batch.

Break up the almond bark into manageable pieces and place 1/2 lb. of it into a small bowl. For me, that was 6 squares.


Microwave the almond bark for 1 minute. Stir it and microwave 2 more times, for 30 seconds each, until it is melted smooth.



Take a pretzel rod, lower the end of it into the bowl, and use a spoon or fork to smooth the almond bark onto the pretzel. This should reach halfway up the pretzel. Keep turning the pretzel rod as you add more almond bark so that the layer stays even.


Hold the pretzel rod over the wax paper. Keep turning the pretzel rod and shake your choice of sprinkles onto the half of the pretzel with the melted almond bark.


Lay the pretzel down on the wax paper and continue this with other pretzels until you’re out of melted almond bark. You will have used up about half of the bag of pretzels.


Repeat the microwaving (and dipping and sprinkling) process with the other 1/2 lb. of almond bark.


** This will make 2 “cookie sheets” or batches of sparklers. You can stick them in the fridge to harden more quickly, but to be honest, by the time I got to the end of my batches, the first ones were already hardened. Then I could just slip them into a gallon sized freezer bag!


Enjoy! These are easy enough to do with kiddos, and cute enough to slide into a little V-Day gift bag for a friend! No matter what, these pretzel treats are sure to add a little extra “sparkle” and fun to your Valentine’s Day! 🙂


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