Printable New Year’s Goals Worksheet

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It’s that time of year, friends! I’m seeing 2015 recaps popping up all over the place. It is so wonderful reading about how God has blessed and stretched and cared for His beloved children this past year.

Categorized New Year's Resolutions Worksheet - set your goals for the new year with this beautiful worksheet! - Just Bee

Now that 2015 is practically over, it’s time to focus our attention forward and on what we can do to live healthy, productive, Christ-glorifying lives in 2016!

I’ve designed a fun, uniquely categorized worksheet to help you outline your New Year’s resolutions this year! And the fun part – I have 2 versions available for both bloggers and non-bloggers!

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Get the New Year’s Resolutions Worksheet for free!!

How are you keeping track of your goals and resolutions for this new year?



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