Tractor dates.



He calls it working for his dad; I call it a tractor date. ūüėČ

Happy Thursday! It’s EM (Education Minnesota) break here, so we are filling our day off with a bit of farming. (Okay, Bjorn is working, and I come along for the ride and the company!) I can’t think of a much better way to spend a morning than to ride in the tractor with my husband. Seriously. I rode with Bjorn as he chisel plowed and as simple and maybe¬†unromantic as it might sound,¬†it was a sweet, special time.

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Why? If you¬†asked me to describe a perfect¬†date day with my husband, I’d say it needs to have:

1. Time spent physically near each other (of course!). 2. Time to just plain talk and laugh without other distractions. 3. Time being outdoors in nice weather. 4. Plenty of picture-snapping opportunities! (Gotta love Pachelbel!)

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And a tractor date has all of those elements. ūüôā I guess it just¬†serves as a good reminder to us that you really can make a date out of anything.



Any seemingly simple activity (or task on your to-do list!) can be turned into a date. I really admire my parents for this – while I was growing up, my¬†mom and dad would go on “dates” to Home Depot.¬†The hardware store? Yep. And sometimes, they’d stop for ice cream or a walk afterwards. I love this about them – they are best friends who genuinely want to hang out with each other! They choose to talk, laugh, dream, and make home decisions¬†together. Their Home Depot dates, as simple as they sound, have left a big impact on me and how I want our marriage (and our friendship) to look.


So yes, there’s a time and place for those fancier date nights, but life is busy and full and we all have responsibilities that demand our attention.. So¬†hey, instead of saying, Well, there goes another day we didn’t go out – why not spend that time accomplishing what you’ve got to do, with the one you love – and call it a date anyway? ūüôā




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