Tour of Our Backyard

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Okay, I kind of lied. This “backyard tour” is more like a tour of one side of our house – specifically, our crabapple tree. 🙂 I’m obsessed with that tree right now. This weekend I found myself hanging up our laundry extraaaa sloooowly on the line because I kept staring at it. It’s currently blooming and all of those long branches filled with sunlight and airy, pink flowers are stunning. So I’m inviting you over to our house, to step into the backyard with me and experience a hearty helping of spring in Minnesota! Don’t forget your camera. 😉

crabapple 11

crabapple 2

crabapple 3

crabapple 7

crabapple 6

crabapple 4

crabapple 9

crabapple 8

crabapple 10

crabapple 5

What are your favorite things about springtime?



    1. 🙂 That sounds so fun! My husband often reminds me that dreaming and scheming and planning can be so much fun in themselves. I look forward to seeing how you guys end up gardening/decorating! We’re planning a large garden that we’ll maintain over at my mother-in-law’s farm! It is an exciting time, isn’t it? Oh, and that tree? It looks totally sad and wilty (or something) now. I’m glad I captured it when I did! 🙂

    1. 🙂 aww, thank you, Rachel!! It’s funny – the tree’s stunning blooming seems to be over and it looks rather wilty and more brown (less pink) now. I’m not a tree expert but… I hope it’ll be okay! Ha.

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