Throwback // Thoughts on Virginia

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one thousand gifts

A quick throwback to last summer in Virginia, which we still agree was the best summer of our lives. Aside from being our belated honeymoon and a grand adventure, last summer offered me the chance to re-learn how to REST, to abide in Christ, and to trust Him even when I didn’t know the future. Living on base at Fort Lee while my husband had training during the day gave this introvert self of mine plenty of time to reflect and readjust my thought patterns to ones of gratitude. This book (and the space and the freedom and the sunshine- oh, the sunshine!) had so much to do with the changes wrought in me. I am so so grateful for the gift that VA was, and the way that God spoke to me in my time there. Life hurtles on at a crazy driving pace, but I never want to forget the still, small voice that beckoned to me on this lonely bench in the hot sun at the edge of the trees.