Thoughts on Turning 25!


Today’s the day I turn 25. 25! I think this is the first time I’ve actually felt “old” on a birthday. After all, I’ve now been alive for a quarter of a century. 🙂

I don’t usually broadcast my birthday. I even debated about mentioning it in a blog post! I’ve never been big into “this is my birthday month!” or extra-celebratory birthday remarks, since having a January 4th birthday means that holiday festivities are just beginning to settle down, the Christmas thank-you notes are generally finished…

And January 4th is usually the day we all go back to school after Christmas break. Such is the case today. 🙂 It’s pretty low-key with normalcy returning, and I like it that way.

Thoughts on Turning 25 - Just Bee

Thoughts on Turning 25:

I’ll admit I felt a bit down last night thinking about the whole quarter-of-a-century concept, as well as readying myself to launch back into teaching responsibilities after not completing my entire break to-do list…! But I also realized just how blessed I have been…all 25 years of my life. Most of all, I am struck by how God’s plans for me are so much greater than any I could fashion myself. Life’s experiences have proven this time and time again.

With each year that passes, especially with each year of adulthood that goes by, I’m coming to realize that we’re often just kids inside, with the same hopes, dreams, disappointments, and prayers – it’s just that years happened. I loved this post by my friend Lauren on feeling like a fake adult because really, let’s not be afraid of messing up. Because we are adults, we can learn to do the hard and the brave things – things that may make us ache but are ultimately a sign of growth!

I don’t want to bemoan becoming older. Aging is a beautiful testament to all the experience and (hopefully) maturing that takes place in our lifetime. I don’t want to dread birthdays, or complain about the fast passage of time. I want to use each year to the fullest, giving all my endeavors my most excellent work, and wringing all of the gratitude I can out of this soul of mine.

Why should I ever dislike the story God is writing in my life? And why should I grumble each time I turn the page and see that a year has passed and He’s starting a new chapter? After all, He’s the best author there is.

I’m also so, so grateful for my husband. He’s like a daily birthday gift to me. As the years (!!) of our marriage go by, I am increasingly blown away by the fact that God picked someone for me who, at the moment, I didn’t even fully grasp was so perfect for me! I’m so happy I found Bjorn when I did – because each year spent with him is so special. 🙂

All in all, I want to step into my 25th year (which is essentially all of 2016) in faith and with an unshakeable trust in the One who made me and tenderly holds me. That is something I surely can celebrate!

And I’m pretty sure my husband is going to get me a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, which is definitely also worth rejoicing in. Happy birthday, indeed! 😉



  1. Happy birthday, Hannah!! I didn’t realize we were SO close in age (I turned 25 just a few months ago). I really enjoyed reading your reflections on becoming another year older- in fact, I needed your steadfast, thoughtful and joy-filled encouragement today. Thank you for sharing your reflections on this special day; God is indeed weaving unique tapestries to His glory.

    1. I’m so glad you resonated with these reflections, Daisy! And thank you for the birthday wishes!! Yes, how fun that we are so close in age!! 🙂 I’m so happy this little post brought you encouragement!

  2. Happy happy birthday, girl! So thankful for you! You’re making me really excited about turning 25 this year, by the way 😉

  3. Hannah, this is beautiful! I love this reminder that getting older is something sweet (and sometimes bittersweet) because we’re adding to the experiences and relationships that define us and start to define our lives. AND you are so sweet to link to my post! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like a fake grownup sometimes 🙂

    1. You totally are not the only one who feels like a fake grownup!! I feel like much of the time, I’m simply trying to convince myself that I’m a competent grownup, haha! I’m really glad you liked this post – I’m glad it brought you some things to think about and encouraged you!

  4. I’ve found that, to me, I’ll always be old. To someone else, I’ll always be young. When I turned 25, I could totally relate to what you’re feeling about it. However, when I turned 30, it was a whole new emotional thing. Not only was I 30, but I would never be in my 20’s again! I mourned that (and still kind of do). But, every life stage has new, wonderful experiences. While I might never be in my 20’s again, I’ve never been in my 30’s before. It’s a whole new adventure!

    1. That is such a good point, Kari! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, especially since 30 will come before I know it! 🙂 You are so right – we are blessed with fun new adventures and experiences in every life stage. Some days, I feel so young compared to others at work. And other days, I realize just how much I already have experienced and learned from! Life is quite the crazy reflection journey! Thanks for reading along, Kari!

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