Thoughts on Faithfulness in Parenting


It’s not a surprise to me that motherhood is challenging. I expected it to be a stretching experience. 😁

But parenting effectively through all of these seasons with littles can be such a fluid thing that I’m constantly finding myself regaining my footing! Can anyone else relate? It seems like one second, I’m thrilled with a parenting strategy that works so well with my 3-year-old, and then a minute later, before I have the chance to become prideful, I find my fearless 1-year-old son somehow happily perched alone on our tall kitchen table. 🤪 Some days are just plain hard – or at least a bit like a circus. 😆

It’s so tempting to become weary in those deep-tired moments at the end of the day. Those thoughts creep in: Did I cuddle my son enough today? Did I help his little mind to learn new words? Did my daughter feel truly loved today, like her mama desires to sit down and listen to her? Did I point her towards Christ or just rattle off rules? And there sure are days where I know this weariness shows in my eyes (or my demeanor) when my husband comes home.

But we are reminded in Galatians 6:9: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” My encouragement to you, mama, is to stay the course! I pray you stay encouraged in this truth. 💗 I’m on my knees doing so, too. Those small moments of faithfulness add up. We are not expected to be perfect. But we can honor God day by day, in our faithfulness and in our not tiring of doing good.