The Wingfeather Saga – Please Back the Campaign to Bring it to the Screen!


Bjorn and I discovered and fell deeply, madly in love with a fiction series that we will NEVER forget! I mentioned the Wingfeather Saga (a 4-book series) back in August and it was so fun to have one of you win a copy of the first book! The author, Andrew Peterson, is also a phenomenal songwriter. I often listen to his songs during my prep time at work or in the evenings.

You know how some books meld themselves into your everyday? How you find yourself musing about names or situations in the book, or creating inside jokes about the funniest quotes? That is what this book series has become to us, and since we talk about it with anyone we can, we just HAD to turn our attention to online friends and share this fun news with you…

Andrew Peterson and Chris Wall have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Wingfeather Saga to the screen!!! The way it’s described, “Princess Bride meets Lord of the Rings in a new CGI animated short film based on The Wingfeather Saga fantasy adventure book series!” It can’t get much cooler than that.


Fantasy adventure books are always exciting and fun to read; however, the Wingfeather Saga is on an entirely different level. The books have a wit and spirit about them that makes them better from any other fantasy adventure series I’ve read before! And the deep, beautiful message in these books is not one you’ll easily forget. These books (and the screen animation) are not meant strictly for children, either – they are something the whole family and people of all ages can enjoy.

Check out the teaser for the animated series here! It is going to be epic! 🙂

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Wingfeather books, there is an awesome, long excerpt from the first book (On The Edge of The Dark Sea of Darkness) available to read for free here. See if it’s something you enjoy (I know you will!), and consider giving to this campaign as well.


If you are a fan of this author and these books already, please consider backing this Kickstarter campaign. (For every dollar amount you give, there are fun gifts and bonuses and updates you’ll receive along the way!) There is only about a week left of the campaign and we want as many people to back it as possible, because that gets the message and the word out there about Andrew Peterson’s books and this animated series! The hope is that they can show a network some of the animation of the story and prove that there is an audience out there for this series!!

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