Week 8

1 // What Are You Grateful For?

Gratitude is often overlooked, but cultivating it in our life can make a huge difference!

2 // Making a Grocery Run Educational

Although I’m a huge fan of online grocery shopping/grocery pickup, I still enjoy taking the kids into the grocery store on weeks that I don’t do an online order. It can be educational (and fun!) for your children to accompany you to the grocery store!

Tips: have them look for items on your list. Have them look at the aisle numbers. Have them find and count out 2 lemons, for example. Have them help with the twist ties in the produce department. Have them load (non-breakable) items onto the conveyor belt! Have moments to pause and appreciate and learn about fresh produce or meat or fish! (My daughter likes to visit the lobsters!) You can head over to stare at the beautiful cupcakes and watch what’s going on in the bakery. This sounds like the opposite of the ease or benefits of online grocery shopping, but I do like to take the kids into a grocery store with me at least a couple times a month because it’s just so educational – and it’s important for them to see yet another step of where our food comes from – and start learning those adulting tasks.

3 // Surprise Your Kids! Here’s How.

“The Brave Learner” by Julie Bogart has great points about children and learning. It’s about homeschooling but it also has wonderful tips about being present with your kids and creating an atmosphere of “exciting celebrations of learning.” A big part of the enchantment of learning for littles is surprise and mystery! The author uses the phrase “startle them into delight!” Surprise your kids with your goofy, generous, “childlike wonder” side…this not only helps them learn and mixes things up, but it builds that relational intimacy with them. So, I encourage you to think of little ways you can surprise your children into delight – like leaving fun craft supplies out for them, or a new puzzle or interesting coffee table book!

4 // Streamlining Meal Time

“Hold your fork so you remember you’re eating!” It sounds funny…but it is quite effective! Trust me – I know from personal experience and always being the last one finishing up my meal at the table – it helps to give your children reminders like this!

5 // Personify Stuffed Animals (In a Practical Way!)

Personifying toys and stuffed animals by making them “talk!” I believe it teaches empathy and compassion, which is beneficial in itself… but if you’d like an even more practical bent, then try talking TO your child’s stuffed animals in front of your child about what your child is doing. For example, you can say something to a stuffed animal like, “Isn’t Sophie doing a great job cleaning up?” and that encourages a particular behavior!

6 // My Life-Changing To-Do List System! (To Increase Productivity + Decrease Overwhelm)

In this video, I’m sharing my entire to-do list system with you! I’m excited to show you how I approach and subdivide my to-do list for maximum productivity (and less overwhelm!) – can’t wait to hear how trying this approach helps you, too!

BONUS! Quote Journal

Keep a kids’ quote journal! The purpose of a quote journal is not to make fun of them, but to soak in those sweet moments or darling stories. My parents kept one (that they still have at their house) while we three kids were growing up, and it is honestly so sweet and hilarious to go back over the years and read the notes written in my mom and dad’s handwriting. (Bjorn and I currently record our kids’ funny or precious moments on a note on my phone, but I do plan to transfer them to a paper journal at some point.)

BONUS! Praying With Your Children

I love praying with children! Here are some of my thoughts on this subject, and also how we currently approach praying with our little ones!