Week 7

1 // The Ultimate Parenting Guide

Remember that the ultimate parenting guide is the Bible. I have to remind myself of this too. We don’t actually NEED all of the latest parenting books. The ultimate guide where we should be getting our perspective, approach, and the character traits and truths we want to instill in our children is the Bible, God’s true Word. The instruction and truths you’ll find there are everlasting.

**If you’re finding you don’t have the desire to read the Bible, then I encourage you to pray for the desire! Then make little changes to make it “easier” for you to read the Bible – whether it’s getting a Bible app on your phone (I like the ESV app), or having your favorite kind of tea alongside your Bible reading. It’s worth it to start getting into God’s Word!

2 // Slow Clean – Yes, Really!

Sloooow down your cleaning! Here are a couple examples: First of all, try periodically to slow-vacuum your rooms. Vacuuming frantically every time doesn’t allow the vacuum to suck up as much dirt and dust. In addition to slow-vacuuming, it’s important when cleaning a place like the bathroom (or wherever you’re spraying and wiping) to actually let the cleaning solution sit! I used to spray, wipe, spray, wipe, and move on. Sometimes that works, but you can get a deeper clean (and less frustrating scrubbing!) if you spray a surface thoroughly and then walk away or focus on another task for a few minutes, allowing the cleaning solution to do its job!

3 // Meal Prep At Unexpected Times

Meal prep at unexpected/unusual times of the day. I used to balk at this idea because I didn’t want to ‘waste’ or use up that precious naptime but it turns out we all have – or most of us have – pockets of time that surface during the midmorning time or the tail end of naptime.

My mom remembers making a bunch of pancakes during naptime when we kids were little – it’s the time she found that worked well to make a big batch and get them frozen for later! Even doing something seemingly small, like browning ground beef that you’ll need to brown for a meal later anyway, can make a big difference when meal time comes!

** So, begin to brainstorm how you can do a little meal prep task sometime – anytime! – tomorrow. Your future self will thank you!

4 // Mid-Naptime Check-In

We all have a bit of a timer in us as moms, I think, and often we can sense when we’ve only got about 30 minutes left of quiet time in the afternoon. Do a mid-naptime or ‘near the end of naptime’ check-in with yourself and your to-do list. That way, any naptime productivity you were hoping for doesn’t just fizzle away! Try to reassess what you can get done during the remainder of your quiet time, and see if you can accomplish one or two more things before the kids wake up.

5 // Simple, Easy Hosting (That Still Feels Special)

This is holiday related, BUT you can apply so many of these tips when you have people over any time of year! There are expensive ways to decorate for the holidays and then there are simpler ways to decorate for the season. And I believe that some of these simpler ways can look more elegant – plus, they’re a bit more versatile as you transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas and from Christmas to….just general wintery decor! In this video, we’re talking about simple, easy hosting – that still feels special!

6 // A Mommy Time Out

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a mommy time out! Even if it’s just for a minute or two – because you’re the captain of the ship, and you need to make sure you’re back on course before you lead everyone else in a particular direction!

BONUS! My FAVORITE Place to Buy Kids’ Clothing! (+ a Discount for You)

Kidizen is my very favorite place to buy my kids’ clothing! It’s where moms can buy (and sell) kids’ new and used clothing. I’ve gotten around 90% of my kids’ clothing from Kidizen ever since I was pregnant with my first!

Here’s a link to my YouTube video about Kidizen, where I show you the specific steps I follow to shop on the app, including how I filter the results to find what I need!

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BONUS! Diaper Changing Stations

Have diaper changing stations around the house. I’ve never been great at utilizing a changing table…I’d often rather just change my babies anywhere on the floor! Regardless of if you have a designated changing table in your home or not, I highly recommend prepping a couple other diaper changing stations in other locations – at least, make one upstairs and one downstairs, or one in your child’s room and one in the main living area. This will save you so much time, effort, and even avoid the stealing of wipes and diapers from their place in the diaper bag! 🙂

I like to use a small cardboard box or basket (it doesn’t matter if it’s cute), and I fill it with diapers, a changing pad, wipes, and diaper cream (we’re huge fans of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste over here). Bonus points if you throw in a small, interesting toy for your child to hold during their diaper change! Then I make sure these stations are replenished frequently so we aren’t left in a bind. Having a diaper changing station in the living room may feel less “private” at first, but I’ve found it’s worth it when you can continue your conversation with someone and don’t have to whisk your child away upstairs to their room! (And it also saves the day when you have a really messy diaper situation! It’s great to take care of the issue immediately!)

BONUS! 5 Habits to Establish During A Crazy-Busy Season

We can glorify God in any aspect and any season of our life, even during the really busy times! But part of that comes from maintaining some semblance of routine and balance in our daily lives, including caring for our home out of respect for our Provider! Here are some habits we’ve discovered that can keep us feeling more “with it” and on top of things during a busy week or busy season.