Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

Welcome, friend!! I’m so glad you’re here! I can’t wait to go through all of these practical, inspirational lessons with you! It is so special to join together with other women who are striving to be more present, productive, and peaceful mamas! You inspire me!

Here’s What to Expect:

This course will last 12 weeks. (There’s just that much good stuff to cover!) Once the course begins, you can expect weekly check-in emails from me, keeping you updated on the new content that releases each week so you don’t miss anything. Each week, you will receive 6 new video clips to watch – one for every day of the week except Sunday. You can watch all 6 video clips in one fell swoop, or you can just stick to one video clip per day. The videos will be made available to you on this password-protected page, with each week’s content linked below!

Instead of only covering one topic or category per week, I’ve carefully selected a variety of topics that we’ll go through every week! Almost every single week will include video clips on the following topics: homemaking/cleaning, parenting strategies, systems that streamline your life, productivity, and establishing a good perspective as a mom. We’ll also talk about naptime/bedtime tips and outings/errands. Covering a variety of topics every week ensures that there will be something practical and actionable for you in every week (if not every day!), regardless of the ages of your children or your exact life stage. My goal is to make this course encouraging AND valuable for you, every week!

**PS – Keep an eye out for special bonuses added each week!

A Quick Note:

What matters most in this course is the effort you choose to put in! We could all watch video clips all day long but the real change in our life happens when we put it into practice. So, I want to encourage you to truly give it a try! Get those new strategies going the week you learn about them if you can. Take notes on a new mental perspective you learned about and hang reminders around your house. Really dedicate yourself to growing – and you’ll be surprised and pleased with the changes you see in yourself (and your home and your parenting) by the end of the course! And know that I’m committed to doing this alongside you. You’re not in this motherhood journey alone. My job is not only to share with you what I’ve learned, but to encourage you! You’ve got this! So, let’s commit to diving right in and giving it our all! I can’t wait.