The Present Mama Equation

How do I become a more present mama?

Do I just need to learn to manage my home better? Will that help? Or do I just need to try harder to have a happier attitude?

A clean and tidy home does help you feel more at peace. Having effective systems for homemaking results in you feeling calmer and more happy, because your day-to-day life is logistically running more smoothly. But I think that only makes you feel better to a certain extent.

There is another part of this equation – and that is, when we are calm inside ourselves, we exude calm outwards. When we feel at peace within ourselves, we are more likely to speak kindly and patiently to our children. We’ll be less angsty, grumpy, distracted, and impatient. This kind of calm stems from being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared for what life with littles brings.

When we put this all together – the homemaking skills AND the mental strategies – we become a much more present mother! This is what I call “The Present Mama Equation.”

First, you ready yourself spiritually, and make sure you are mentally and emotionally ready for the day or situation with a good perspective.

Then, you ADD to that household systems that are running smoothly.

The result? When you are filled with peace and a good perspective, and the house is logistically running smoothly itself, that EQUALS a present mama. A present mama directly affects your children and husband…and the quality and intentionality of your life overall! Everyone benefits when Mama is at peace and is a present parent.

In this course, we’re addressing both sides of The Present Mama Equation. We’ll spend time talking about ways to improve our perspective, focus, and even mental resiliency in motherhood. And we’ll delve deep into sustainable, efficient household systems that’ll dig you out of daily chaos and keep your home running smoothly.

Our goal in the end is not simply to have a positive attitude, OR merely to have a clean home. Our goal is this: to be the most present mama we can be – bringing glory to God as we lovingly, intentionally maintain our home and raise our precious children. We’ll benefit. Everyone will benefit. Are you ready, friend? Let’s jump in!