The Little Things Add Up


Parenting: where the little things add up. “It’s the little things.” I’ve loved that phrase for years. I’ve loved the intentionality of it – the push to focus on small joys in your life. But oh, how I have been learning how “the little things” in parenting add up over time.

It’s the moments of belly laughter with my daughter over a goofy picture book. It’s the comfort I can offer my baby boy through a cuddle or a prompt diaper change. 😁 It’s the consistency I strive for in my discipline and instruction. It’s the apologizing and asking my kids for forgiveness when I mess up. It’s showing them without pretense that I, a broken human myself, can run to Christ. It’s the intentionality – not letting life just happen TO us day after day after day – it’s using the mundane moments to choose to grow, to turn to God, and to point my kids to Him, too.

Life is too short, the years are too fast – and these little souls FAR too precious for me to waste my time as their mama. Every tiny moment with them creates the fabric of their childhood. This is not shallow ‘pressure’ to make their childhood Pinterest-perfect: it is a MISSION. ✨ So my prayer, my goal, each day is to approach even the simplest of conversations and moments with my kids with intention. I’m not perfect and I know it. They know it. But, unattainable perfection aside, I can show up every day for them and step into my God-given role as their mother.