London Recap: The British Museum


I’m kicking off these Europe posts with our day at the British Museum in London! If you saw our 2-week Europe itinerary I posted a couple days ago, I’ll try to share about our trip chronologically. (It helps me keep track of the days as I remember the trip, too!)

July 7th, our first full day in Europe, was our British Museum (and explore London monuments) day!

This museum is so, so impressive! It is absolutely huge, and an architectural wonder in itself, with something like 90 rooms to go through! It really worked out well to spend the day there – not just a couple hours.


We arrived at the museum before it opened in the morning, so we grabbed Starbucks 🙂 and walked around at a nearby park, returning to the museum’s entrance by the time it opened.

^^ his and hers 🙂 ^^


^^ waiting for the museum to open ^^


Our favorite highlights from the British Museum:

– The Rosetta Stone(!!)
– Assyrian lion-hunting stone slab carvings
– countless Egyptian artifacts (they have SO many!) like mummies and more
– Roman-Briton artifacts
– Viking treasure hoard (Bjorn’s favorite – of course!)
– the first library (to contain all knowledge at the time)
– Portion of an ancient carved Babylonian map
– vases galore







^^ Bjorn teaching about the Vikings/Viking hoard 🙂 ^^


^^ portion of an ancient Babylonian map – the really cool thing about this is that it refers to the Great Flood! ^^

It was a really neat day and we learned so much! The vast collections were overwhelmingly impressive and there was so much to see. We definitely could’ve spent more than one day exploring every nook and cranny of the British Museum!

The British Museum in London - Just Bee

The next day, we toured the Tower of London – watch for that post coming soon! 🙂

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    1. Yes!! They have so many neat things – it was really kind of overwhelming (in the best way possible, of course!) 🙂 Hopefully you’ll get to go someday!!

  1. I LOVED that museum! Seeing the Rosetta Stone was so awe inspiring. Like you learn about it in school but to actually see it in person? Amazing.

    1. Exactly!! I couldn’t even get a photo of it in person with the crowd standing around it, but it was so neat to see it in person!! It’s so fun that you’ve been there, too, Lacey!

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