The Box Says So // Breton Crackers

We’ve all seen the “serving suggestions” pictures on the side of boxes…but how often do we actually give their ideas a shot? I’m all for creativity with ingredients and discovering new recipes on our own, but there are times we really appreciate help with the creativity aspect. This is when the serving suggestions on the box come in handy!


Bjorn and I decided to try one of the recipes suggested on the box of Breton crackers, to see if their “serving suggestion” was really something we’d be pleased to serve! 🙂


The recipe was called “Chicken Chic” (ha – how do you make chicken “chic?” well, I suppose this is how!). It called for four elements: chicken salad, avocado, fresh cilantro, and lime zest.





 We were not disappointed with the results! We ended up with a delicious, light lunch that was full of fresh flavors.


What serving suggestions have you tried? Have you discovered any fun new recipe ideas that way? I’d love to hear!


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