The Best (Useful) Gifts To Give This Wedding Season

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Wedding season is certainly here, friends!! And with it comes the search for that perfect, meaningful wedding gift. Now, I know that everyone has a wedding registry now days, but sometimes it’s special to stray from that list if you are getting the couple something especially thoughtful or useful.

If you are looking for a nice wedding gift or even a bridal shower gift that is truly useful and will be enjoyed and remembered by the couple, then this post is for you! Here are the items Bjorn and I would recommend.

Of course, you’ll have to use your own discernment and judgment as to what your friends/family will actually enjoy! These are just some of the items that Bjorn and I still love and use. 

If you look at this list and take into account what the couple’s interests and hobbies are, then you’ll end up with a fun gift that they will use!!

The Best (Useful) Wedding Gifts To Give This Season:

1 // A high-quality skillet. One of Bjorn’s aunts gave us a really nice, high-quality skillet for our wedding. Now, over 3 years later, we are still using it DAILY. We love it so much! A good skillet (not a cheap one) is a wonderful staple for any household. You can always check their registry to see if they have a specific one in mind, but hey, if someone else got them a skillet already, that is okay! We have a second, cheaper skillet that I had purchased in college and it is nice to have a second one laying around in case the first skillet is dirty. Skillets are very versatile and come in handy for just about any cooking situation!

2 // A lovely platter. Another one of Bjorn’s aunts gifted us a beautiful white platter for our wedding. I can’t say enough how nice it has been to have a big platter to bring to various parties and holidays! The coolest thing about our platter is that it came with different little ceramic figurines I can insert into one corner of the platter, to customize it for different holidays! For instance, I brought it to Olson Easter this year with the little ceramic bluebird attached to it because I was bringing rice krispie nests with chocolate eggs in them. It was the perfect platter to dress up and bring to this occasion!

I’ve found that it’s always great to have a couple different white platters around — even for serving burgers or desserts for supper! It’s just nice to have a place to serve food on that isn’t a little plate!

This Rectangular Platter Set has a similar edge to the one Bjorn and I own — and a set of 3 gives people extra flexibility for serving and hosting!

3 // A family game. We loved getting a beloved Olson favorite family game for our wedding. The Olson family loves the game Mexican Train Dominoes so it was special getting our own set from Bjorn’s cousin and her husband! If your family or friend group loves a particular game to play together, then perhaps the couple would love having their own set!

4 // Mixing bowls. I know many people register for certain mixing bowl sets on their registries, but again, it never hurts to have a couple extra bowls around. Many recipes require more than one medium or large bowl to be used, so it’s great to have others on hand. Bjorn and I love a certain set of 5 bowls given by a fellow teacher of mine. We really like the variety of sizes (they nest inside each other for storage), too! Bowls like this are great for recipes, of course, but they also work well for serving toppings and fixings for taco night and more! The 4 Piece Mixing Bowl Set above isn’t the exact set we own, but you get the idea.

5 // A Dutch Oven. Bjorn and I actually own 2 cast iron dutch ovens, both red and very similar to this Red Cast Iron Dutch Oven (pictured above). They were given to us for our wedding by different people. We LOVE them, and we LOVE having 2 of them! Just like I mentioned about our skillets, it sure is nice to have 2 pots around if one is in use or still dirty. We use at least one of our dutch ovens every single day! I make curry or soup in them, or countless other recipes, and they’re perfect for boiling a good amount of water, of course. At least one of these makes a great addition to any household!

5 // A great throw blanket. I think that in a good household, you can never have too many throw blankets! Some are great for picnics or drive-in movies, some are great to throw onto your bed for extra warmth, and some are perfect for at-home movie nights! We love our throw blanket from my sister — it’s very similar to this Charcoal Sherpa Throw. Even if people don’t cuddle on the couch all the time, a throw blanket draped on a couch adds a really nice, cozy touch to a home.

What tried-and-true wedding gifts do you love to give newlyweds??


    1. Thanks for suggesting the crockpot, Lauren! You are so right! We totally love our crockpot! (and I know I’ll be doing a good amount of freezer crockpot meals in the future to prep for baby!)

    1. Yes! Ooh, that’s a good one, Bailey! Thanks for your recommendation! I have special towels that are either light blue or white and extra fluffy that I like to set out when we have guests. 🙂

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