That Time I Remembered Why I Blog

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We’re visiting my parents for part of the holidays this year. This morning, while Sophie was resting, I snuck off to Target and Starbucks for a couple errands. (I love this, because at home we live over an hour away from both a Target and Starbucks…so this feels downright luxurious!) I had a bit more time without Sophie along for the ride, and I found myself wandering the baby aisles anyway, staring at darling little newborn socks and cute sleeper sets. I glanced over and a woman near me was holding up a little pink bear lovey. It’s the same one I just picked up for Sophie as her early Christmas present, and she loves it SO much, so I just had to say something! I told the woman how much my 14 month old loves that bear lovey, and she said she was shopping for her 18 month old niece. She ended up deciding to get the lovey because of my recommendation, and as she thanked me and walked away, my heart warmed thinking of her little niece opening up that lovey and falling in love with it, just as Sophie had! <3

I wandered on down to the children’s books and took my time perusing favorites, and smiling at the ones Sophie already has at home and loves. Another woman in one of the aisles was holding a book that Sophie just can’t get enough of! This time, I held myself back from running down the aisle and making another recommendation (haha), but as I walked away, I couldn’t help but wish I could stick little Post-it Notes on all of our favorites, explaining which books were Sophie’s favorites at which stages, and writing notes about who this book or that book would be fun for. 🙂 I didn’t (because I don’t think Target employees would appreciate peeling notes off of all the books they’re trying to sell) but it was hard to let go of the thought that I just wanted to chat with people about various things, get their recommendations too, and share in the joy of shopping or giving or just experiencing together! (Can you tell I was having all of the holiday season warm fuzzies today?)

After I checked out at Target, I hopped back in the truck and turned on my Peaceful Evening playlist (which is basically amazing for any time of day). Instead of driving off, I sat sipping my Starbucks drink and pondering why it warmed my heart so much to interact with that woman today, and why I had gotten almost giddy-excited about it all. If only there was a way I could’ve plastered all my favorite products with cute personal notes of recommendation…or if only there was a way for me to chat with even more people in the store about their favorite products for their little ones, and hear their stories, too… And then it hit me: this is why I blog.

Because it’s an incredible way of getting to virtually “walk up to people” and chat with them about life. It’s the joy of sharing recommendations and what has helped us or worked for us, in hopes of maybe helping at least one other person out there! It’s the connections, the relationships, the support we can all offer each other…and most of all, the shared experiencing of life together. Of course, there are always fun things to talk about – like Sophie’s cute new book box or her favorite toys or helping her become a better sleeper – but there are hard, heavy, yet important things to share about as well, like miscarriage and anxiety. I’m still receiving emails and messages from those of you who have walked the road of miscarriage or anxiety and I’m honored when you share your story and your prayer requests with me. My blog may not be the biggest or the most influential one out there, but I’m determined to use whatever sphere of influence God has granted me to uplift others, help others, and to bring Him glory. I’m constantly reminded that we are all in this together. No matter what, in big things or small, you aren’t walking alone.

So, whether it’s in person in an aisle of Target, or here at Just Bee in my tiny little corner of the internet, it is so important and beautiful that we can all be sharing life and connecting! I love you all, and I love that we can “do life together” this way. I know I’ve taken a bit of a step back lately with all that’s been going on, but I’m not planning on leaving, and I’m looking forward to continuing to share in this space in the new year. Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading my little blog. And thank you for being along for the ride. 🙂

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