{TAKE ME TO} a Virginia winery.

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take me to a virginia winery

So I’ve got to admit, it feels a bit belated/silly to share a Virginia post tonight, considering I’m back in Minnesota. But this was a leftover post that just never made it up onto the site this summer, and man, it’s a lot of fun going back through these pictures. It allows me to re-live just a little bit more of this past honeymoon summer of ours before autumn and winter hit us in all their glory! 🙂 Bear with me on the fact that this summery post is coming to you a while AFTER I got back from Virginia…but hey, why not celebrate some relaxation and culture this evening by peeking at some fun pictures of a classy Virginia winery? 🙂

Ever since our fun cidery excursion, I kept an eye out for similar outings (and similar idyllic settings, of course!). I kept hearing the name of this one place with a great reputation, and finally decided to pencil a visit to New Kent Winery into our weekend schedule. (Remember how my husband, who was busy during the day, was totally fine with me planning many of our weekend trips? Yeah. I’m lucky. 🙂 )

I’m so glad we went to New Kent Winery! It’s not too far from Fort Lee in Petersburg, so we didn’t have to drive a couple hours west, where many of the state’s other wineries are. This winery gives tours, which rounded out the whole experience so well. I think you enjoy a place much more when you know about its history and its behind-the-scenes workings. We did the tasting before the tour, and the people behind the bar were high-energy and knowledgeable! We really enjoyed our afternoon at New Kent Winery! Here are a few pictures of the afternoon:








^^ let the tasting begin! ^^


^^ PS – the glasses were ours to keep! A fun souvenir 🙂 ^^




^^ keeping the note-taking sheet handy! ^^


^^ starting the tour: learning about the building itself and where the lumber and bricks came from ^^






We left that afternoon feeling quite “cultured,” with warm happy stomachs and smiles on our faces. Bjorn and I highly recommend the winery in New Kent!

New Kent Winery
8400 Old Church Road
New Kent, Virginia 23124


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