Staying Active as a Busy Mom: My New FitDesk Bike! (+ a coupon code for you!)

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I’ve never been great about working out. It just hasn’t been a big priority of mine, although I’ve been wanting to change that! Enter today’s blog post. 🙂

Today’s post is sponsored by FitDesk. I was provided with a bike. All opinions are, as always, my very own! 🙂

One of the biggest roadblocks for me when it comes to fitness is that I have so much else I’d rather be doing! Oftentimes, my “free time” comes during nap time when my daughter is sleeping for two hours, and I tend to use that time to tidy up the house, wash dishes, and then settle down to accomplish some photography- or blogging-related computer tasks. It’s utterly mind-blowing how quickly time flies when you only have two hours! I often feel like I get our dishes done (we don’t have a dishwasher so it takes a while), tidy up, and settle in to blog when Sophie’s already stirring again! 😀 #momlife That’s just how life can be, and I’m not complaining, but it certainly can be tricky to fit everything in if I’m not determined and diligent.

Being a stay-at-home mom of a busy one-year-old, I’m learning just how difficult it can be to prioritize exercise and my health! My husband is extremely busy himself, and all together, between all of our commitments, our family is just on-the-go with a full calendar a lot of the time. I really struggle to get exercise in, and these long Minnesota winters make it too difficult for me to get moving outside with my little one. (I know a lot of moms are in the same boat.) But exercise is so important and I’d heard amazing things about bike desks, so it has been a blast trying out my new bike!

Thankfully, I’ve been learning that there are ways to accomplish my desired projects while maintaining some level of activity! It’s a lot less black-and-white than I’d thought. For me, personally, it’s the cardiovascular health aspect of fitness that I want to focus on most. That’s why it really sparked my curiosity to hear about a stationary exercise bike that ALSO functioned as a desk! I was thrilled when I first discovered FitDesk bikes and I just had to learn more. I’m so glad that they’re collaborating with me, and I’m excited to be sharing this wonderful exercise bike option with you today! (Plus, there’s a special coupon code at the end that I know you’ll love!)

Let’s be honest: the average 20-something spends a ton of time on screens every day. Certainly not everybody…but our generation interacts with screens a lot more than previous generations did! Oftentimes it’s out of necessity: getting work done on our computers, messaging others on our phones, typing up papers for master’s homework…the list goes on! (For me, it typically involves writing blog posts, designing graphics, editing photos, sending and answering emails, etc.)

The wonderful thing about the FitDesk Bike is that it is an actual desk to sit at! There’s a large platform/table to rest your laptop on, and it’s honestly quite comfortable to sit at the bike and type! FitDesk bikes even have a special stand that you can raise to prop up an iPad or similar tablet, too! (Or a book, I’d say!!) So, getting work done (or even watching Netflix!) is totally feasible while your feet are pedaling and your heart is being strengthened at the same time! Isn’t that awesome? This way, I don’t have to “sacrifice” my computer work time, but I can also fit some extra movement into my day.

Perhaps you don’t struggle with a workout routine or desire to workout, like I do, but my guess is, if you’re at all interested in incorporating fitness into your day… this bike has piqued your interest! 🙂 No matter your lifestyle, I’m sure there are times you find yourself sitting when your feet could technically be pedaling furiously simultaneously. 😉 That’s the realization I’ve come to!

A little bit about my specific bike that you see pictured: I have the Bike Desk 3.0. It’s a lightweight, foldable exercise bike with an adjustable desk platform…but I love that it doesn’t feel flimsy in the least. It’s a super sturdy bike! It weighs about 47 pounds, but accommodates riders up to 300 lbs. Anyone who is 4’10” to 6’6″ can comfortably adjust and use this bike! Another great characteristic of this bike is that it’s quiet! Some other exercise bikes are so loud, which would be frustrating if you’re doing computer work that requires sound, or if you’re trying to watch a show! A digital performance meter tracks time, distance, and calories, and there are other thoughtful features such as massage rollers for your arms, adjustable resistance for pedaling, and even arm bands for an upper body resistance workout!

A promo code for you!

FitDesk is generously offering you guys a free protective floor mat ($29.99 value) to put under the bike you purchase!! Click here and then use the code FreeMatJustBee to obtain your free mat!

After owning this bike desk for a while, I really recommend it. Both my husband and I have enjoyed using it, and it’s been an exciting new product in our lives! It’s so nice to have the option of staying active while multi-tasking! Definitely check out FitDesk bikes for yourself to see the different products they offer, and catch up with them on Instagram to stay in the loop!

Happy biking! 🙂

Have you heard of bike desks before? Do you like to bike? How do you like to incorporate fitness into your day?