Spring Thoughts + An Exciting Announcement!


Hi friends!

Hope you’re enjoying spring this year, as April draws to a close! I wanted to share some thoughts on spring (+ motherhood) to encourage you today.

**PS – Scroll down for an exciting announcement at the end!!

Spring is a beautiful reminder that growth is happening even when it’s not yet evident. On those misty, rainy days, or even the days when snow piles cover parts of the yard, seeds are still sprouting, change is still coming.

Reflecting on this should bring us hope. The work we do as mothers may not look glamorous, or even effective sometimes. In the midst of a toddler tantrum, a bedtime reset (yet again), a talk about obedience or safety or sharing or shoving your brother…:) it can feel like our daily (even minute by minute) discussions with our children are falling on deaf ears. Are we ever going to get to the heart of the issue? To THEIR hearts?

But our job is to keep planting, to keep nurturing…and to be faithful. Fruit comes with time – sometimes hours later, days later, or even years later. We won’t always know the effect of all these moments on our children – our careful conversations, our serious talks, our goofy inside jokes…

We get the joy and the privilege of starting it all. The process of growth in our littles starts here, with us, and how we plant little seeds daily. Consistency. Perseverance. Intention. The rest is up to God. We’ll continue to guide and care for these precious hearts as they mature. And, like the coming of spring, even in those moments when it seems like nothing’s growing and they just aren’t getting it – it’s worth it, Mama. Keep tending your garden.

I have an exciting announcement to share with you!

I can finally say it – THE PRESENT MAMA PLAYBOOK will be launching next month!!

I started working on this awesome course about a year and a half ago, and I have poured my heart into it! I’m passionate about helping mamas climb out of overwhelm. You CAN be a present, joyful mama who runs a peaceful + productive home!

I’m so excited to see how The Present Mama Playbook encourages, motivates, and helps you!

UPDATE: ***Enrollment has now opened and closed, but you can join the waitlist so you don’t miss out next time!***