Soybeans at Sunset (+ a promo code!)


These long summer days here in southern Minnesota are absolutely gorgeous…and the sunsets are equally stunning! Nowhere else have I seen this much golden light at magic hour, with such a beautiful expansive horizon! It’s safe to say that the horizons and the light are one of my very favorite things about living here.

The other night, on one of the longest days of the year, Bjorn and I hopped in our truck and rumbled down dirt road after dirt road until we got to our own soybean field. Our little plants are already growing so well! (We love to stop by our field after work some days and check on the plants to make sure all is well!)

The golden light from the sunset was drenching the road, the long grasses, and the little soybean plants – and off in the distance the field was framed by my in-laws’ 4 tall silos. There weren’t too many mosquitoes out. What I love most about nights like this is the utter peace I get from standing on an essentially deserted dirt road, with crickets chirping and the tall grasses swaying (with the occasional coyotes in the distance).

There’s something so special about knowing you probably won’t see another car go by on the dirt road – I love the feeling of being just together, alone, with so much natural beauty to soak in!

Also, I am totally loving my new T-shirt from Blair Lamb Design! If you don’t know Blair already, then you’re missing out! You’ll definitely have to check out not only her blog (Blair Blogs) but also her awesome Etsy shop!

Blair Lamb Design is full of beautiful made-to-order screenprinted items. I own a sweatshirt and 2 tees from her shop, but the shop also includes tanks, totes, and pillow covers – all with lovely lettering and quotes printed on them!

From now till the end of June, Blair is offering Just Bee’s readers a 10% discount with the promo code JUSTBEE10 🙂 So, definitely go check out Blair Lamb Design and take advantage of this fun deal! There are countless cute items just calling your name! 🙂

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    1. 🙂 Thanks, Lauren! I do really love that shirt – and it’s so fitting with its “rooted” quote for me to stand in our field! How cool that you have a soybean field nearby, too! Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. Of course, Blair! Your shop’s products are great and it’s fun to spread the word! 🙂 Thanks for providing the promo code for my readers, friend!

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