Sophie’s Favorite Books At 14 Months


My husband and I absolutely love reading, although I’d have to say that Bjorn reads way more than I do! (While both of us are the can’t-say-no-to-buying-books, read-in-bed-in-the-evening types of people, Bjorn takes it a step further and can be found listening to audio books all the time, too – while farming in the tractor, while driving to work, while he does the dishes, and more!) Needless to say, we own hundreds of books and our one-year-old has her own awesome collection starting as well! 🙂

Sophie loves books, and we’re thrilled about that. She loves paging through them herself, anticipating the endings and pictures she remembers, and snuggling up for storytime with us. But becoming a reading family takes intention – not only for us as adults, but it’s taken intention to incorporate reading into her daily life, too. It’s totally worth it and extremely important! (I’d love to share more about raising a reader later on, but for today, I wanted to focus specifically on the books Sophie currently loves!)

Sophie’s 14 months old now and really on the go! But she still slows down enough to enjoy books, and what’s especially fun about this stage is that she has her own personal favorites. She turns 15 months next week but for the sake of honesty, this post is about what she likes at 14 months old!

Here are Sophie’s current book recommendations, if you will. 😉 Most of them are under $10. These make great gifts for any littles in your life, and they’re great titles to stock up on if you’re expecting or know someone who is…plus they’re great “just because” items for your own children, too! 🙂

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Sophie’s Favorite Books At 14 Months

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle // We have the board book version, which still contains the fun cutouts and pages of different sizes inside, like the original paperback! It’s just a bit more durable for this stage Sophie’s in. 🙂 This is likely Sophie’s all-time favorite book right now. She loves seeing all the foods the little caterpillar is eating – and then she knows right when it becomes a butterfly! (Sophie flutters the back pages open and closed to make the butterfly look like its wings are moving!)

^^ I love her little smirk as she turns the page and sees the caterpillar has turned into a beautiful butterfly! ^^

Baby Beluga (Raffi Songs to Read) // This book is basically tied for first place in this list of Sophie’s favorites! The illustrations are beautiful, and Raffi’s classic song is so sweet and gives you all the warm fuzzy feelings. 🙂 We always sing the song to Sophie as we go through the pages. At this point, Sophie jumps up and squeals every time we play the song! And she can pick this specific book out from anywhere on the bookshelf – she loves it that much! I really recommend this one.

Do You Know Noses? by Children’s Press // Sophie got this one from the doctor’s office at her 1 year appointment. It’s a super cute concept – zooming in close on actual photos of animals’ noses and having the child guess which animal each nose comes from!

My Family & Friends Photo Album // Although in some ways, it’s not really a book, I’m adding this photo album to Sophie’s favorite book list because she likes it so much! I love how easy it is to slip a 4×6 photo into each page…and they’re protected well so Sophie can’t really get them out! 🙂 I often find her paging through it and chuckling to herself as she identifies all of her loved ones! (I picked this album because it had more pages for photos than some of the other albums.)

Little Red Barn: Lift-a-Flap // These lift-a-flap books are awesome, because the pages and flaps are extra thick cardboard, helping them stand up to lots of wear and little ones’ hands! Plus the rhymes are so sweet! <3 This one talks about all the animals being happy and cozy in their little red barn. 🙂

Little Yellow Bee: Lift-a-Flap // This one is in the same series as the Little Red Barn book I listed above. Little Yellow Bee has darling rhymes and a little tour of a cute garden, complete with the thick lift-a-flap pages!

Poke-a-Dot: Old MacDonald’s Farm // Sophie was given this book for her first birthday. She has really learned how to poke each of the dots over time and she gets such a kick out of it! (Plus, it helps her practice counting in a more tangible way, especially as she gets older!) I would liken the dots to popping bubble wrap, although these are more sturdy plastic – it’s super satisfying, haha.

Puppy Makes Mischief Book (& Puppy) by Amelia Gatacre // My sister gave Sophie this set a while back, and it is so sweet! <3 It reminds me of the Biscuit books, which are also about the adventures of a little dog! I think the little story is well-written and heartwarming, even though it’s not a long book. And Sophie loves the little plush (Jellycat brand) puppy that comes with it in the gift set! This little set would make a wonderful gift.

Baby Bunny: Finger Puppet Book // Sophie has several of these cute baby animal books. The finger puppet makes her giggle, and I appreciate the descriptive language: “When Baby Bunny meets a friend, she thumps her feet against the ground to say hello.” They’re really sweet books. We also have Baby Giraffe and an Old Macdonald, both of which she loves! Baby Giraffe may be my personal favorite. Our newest addition is Baby Unicorn.

Itsy-Bitsy Spider Soft Activity Book: Melissa & Doug brand // Sophie got this from my parents recently and it was an instant hit! We like to sing the song together and she really tries to do the motions, too! 🙂 In the book itself, each page has a fun little activity to go along with the song – like the rain represented by little blue ribbons coming out of a cloud.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. // This is a fun, upbeat classic! Sophie totally loves the rhymes and the cute chants all throughout. We have the board book version.

A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon by Audrey Penn // Such a sweet little board book. The story rhymes and it’s a darling tale of a little raccoon who doesn’t want to leave his mom to go to school…but she kisses his little palm and promises that anytime he needs a kiss, he can press his hand up to his cheek. So precious!

Count My Blessings // I love this one. It has raised cardboard cutout shapes all throughout, which makes it a lot more interesting for a little reader! The words rhyme and it’s all about thanking God for the little things He gave us all day long (like friends, food, and getting to play).

First Words Baby Signing // We’ve been teaching Sophie some baby sign language for months now, and she loves utilizing it these days! (She signs things like more, please, thank you, drink, all done, rest/sleep, bye-bye, and again.) The flaps in this book are a little difficult for Sophie to “pick” open by herself, but she still totally loves this book! She knows a good number of signs the signs in this book that she uses every day, and reading this book has helped to reinforce them in her mind! She reaches for this one often.

Look at Me! // This is a really cute book that has rhymes focusing on different features on a face! It has a mirror on the very last page for your child to look at themselves! 🙂

All About Babies: Snacks // This book kind of cracks me up, but I’ll add it to the list anyway. It’s technically a bath book but we don’t use it for that. It’s a pretty small book and is easy to wipe off. I actually keep it in the small basket of Sophie’s toys in the kitchen and have used it as her “high chair book” for a long time. She really enjoys flipping through it as she waits for me to pull together her meal, and she likes seeing the snacks each baby is eating! (The babies in these photos are eating some goofy things if you look at it from a safety standpoint – like whole grapes?! an orange with the peel still on? – but I think it’s still a fun book that shows children eating various foods.) 🙂 Sophie really likes it. I could only find the book as part of a little set, so that’s what I linked for you.

God Bless My Boo Boo by Hannah C. Hall // This one has some very sweet rhymes. A different baby animal has a different owie or ailment on each page, and their parent is lovingly caring for them. Sophie ponders each page thoughtfully, pointing to each baby animal’s boo boo! It’s a great book for teaching awareness of different little ailments, and also for some early exposure to showing compassion.

Little Penguin Touch & Feel // The final book on this list, Little Penguin, is a relatively simple one. But I’m keeping it on the list because Sophie enjoys it so much! There’s a short poem on each page about different Arctic animals, and there’s a simple touch & feel element as well. Nothing too exciting, but it’s cute. 🙂

PS – Sophie’s adorable chair is a Melissa & Doug faux leather child’s armchair. We have it sitting in the living room next to Daddy’s reading chair. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this peek at Sophie’s current favorites! Do you own any of these? What are your kids’ favorite books right now?? (I’m always thrilled to hear recommendations!)

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