Sophie’s Book Box (+ a promo code!)

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If you know my husband or me at all, then you know we love to read! We love books and we love to learn. One of our favorite things to do is peruse the aisles of Barnes & Noble together, and we find it really really hard to say no to adding a new book to our collection. 😉 Bjorn has hundreds of books that he’s collected over the years – needless to say, a beautiful home library will be a must in our future home!

Even though she’s just one, our daughter Sophie loves to read, too! Every morning, she crawls over to our fish tank, where I’ve stocked the lower shelves with her favorite board books. She sits there and pulls them out – some days, methodically, other days, all at once! – and she quietly turns the pages and lifts the flaps. She often drags a book over to one of us, asking for us to pull her into our lap and read it to her! (You can see a lot of these cute little things every day over on my Instagram.) These are seriously some of the sweetest moments.

While Sophie does have a bookshelf in her room, we recently got her the most beautiful book box to store some of her favorites in! I can totally envision it in her future room someday, too – I know she’ll love it and use it for many years to come!

Sophie’s new book box is from an Etsy shop called Amity Belle. Amity Belle is run by Kristina, and the shop is the beautiful heart-project of her and her best friend. (“Amity Belle” loosely translates as “beautiful friendship,” which is how it all began for this shop!)

Kristina and her friend initially spent a lot of time crafting and eventually joined the world of woodworking as a way to save money on all the home decor items they wanted for themselves. Little by little, more and more friends started asking them to build items for them and they came up with Amity Belle to launch the business. Shortly after they formed the idea, Kristina’s friend moved away and decided to gracefully pass their brain child onto Kristina. Amity Belle started off small with more small-scale items, but she has big plans and can’t wait to expand the shop and her areas of expertise!

The pieces Kristina offers in her shop are so gorgeous. The custom wooden book boxes are particularly what drew me in, but Amity Belle also offers rustic toy crates, wall decor, and the coolest beautiful wooden step stools!!

First, I wanted to show you Sophie’s book box, and then Kristina has generously offered a special coupon code for Just Bee’s readers, which I’ll share at the end!!

There are multiple options for the book box color, as well as different leg options AND wording on the box! You can choose cute phrases like “Once Upon a Time” or your child’s name, too!

Here’s what I chose for Sophie’s box: Antique White finish, the word “Books,” and the “Classic Legs” option. But the options are all so pretty; it was difficult to make the final decision! (Note: the lettering is stained into the box – meaning, the natural raw wood coloring is what you see. No vinyl, no painted letters…EXCEPT in the case of the white wash that I chose, because staining does not provide enough contrast between the finish and the raw wood letters. But I think the vinyl letters on white are so pretty! It’s a gorgeous script!)

This book box has already been so much fun to incorporate into our home’s aesthetic! (I love all things gray, white, or beautiful wood!) Sophie loves standing next to it and pulling out a book to read. While it’s the perfect height for her to pull up on right now (and sturdy, too!), it’s still always going to be that perfect size to keep at the foot of her bed someday, or underneath a window. I just love it!

Okay, it’s time for a promo code! Kristina is generously offering you a 20% discount in the Amity Belle shop!!! Just use the code JUSTBEE20 for 20% off any item in the shop, from now till January 7th. (Order by December 7th, though, in order to ensure delivery by Christmas!)

** If you’re looking for a timeless, precious Christmas gift idea, definitely consider these book boxes or these step stools from Amity Belle! In order to guarantee delivery before Christmas, place your order by December 7th!! (They will do their best to quickly fulfill any orders that come after the 7th of December, but can’t 100% guarantee Christmas arrival for those later orders. So definitely keep an eye on the calendar and grab something from Amity Belle now!)

I look forward to filling Sophie’s new book box with a bunch of Christmas and winter-themed books this season, making it a special place for us to reach for those seasonal favorites. Do you have a fun place for your little one’s books? Did you own a special book box when you were little?