Sophie’s 5 Month Update


I cannot believe Sophie is 5 months old already!! Here’s what she has been up to this past month!

Sophie’s 5 Month Update

Nicknames: Besides Sophie, we call her BB or BeeBee all the time! Also Bumblebee, Bumblebeena :), Sweet Girl, Sophie Brynn, BB Brynn, and more!

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I weighed Sophie yesterday and she is 12 lbs 13 oz! At her 4 month doctor’s appointment in February, she was in something like the 37th percentile for height and the 5th percentile for weight. She is quite lightweight, but both of the doctors that Sophie sees continue not to be concerned about her weight, as long as she is continuing to gain weight, is satisfied after feedings, and is following her growth chart trajectory. She’s a petite little peanut (but she still seems quite tall to me)! She just graduated to size 2 diapers today!

Fun milestones: 

She’s even more self-aware now, recognizing herself or me in the mirror. We can tell she knows words like Daddy, Mama, or eat. I also use the word “rest” for her naps. 🙂

When people smile at Sophie, she smiles back! She also loves to giggle. She’s more ticklish now, too. Sophie loves playing with the helium-filled heart balloon that her grandpa got her for Valentine’s Day (yes, it still has some helium left!). She is so good at grabbing items with her hands that she wants (like toys, my granola bar as I’m holding it, or my hair, haha!).

She also just loves playing with her toys, whether they’re stuffed animals or on her play gym! She’s okay with tummy time, but tends to get annoyed with it. She still rolls over pretty well. Sophie also holds her head up with her strong neck! We are borrowing a Bumbo seat right now and it is so much fun to have her sit up near us! We can tell she likes being more vertical. 🙂

She also enjoys playing a little game with us! She’ll open her mouth wide and say “Ahhhhhhhh” when I’m dabbing her mouth with the burp cloth, so it makes a super fun noise. 😉 She loves it so much! And I can get her to start playing that game by making the sound first, and then dabbing her mouth. She’ll soon open her mouth and start making the “Ahhhhh” sound to hear the noise! Voices are fun, aren’t they? 🙂 She likes to talk (mostly with longer sounds like the “Ahhhh” noise), and will smile and engage her daddy in conversation, too. 🙂 I’m seriously so excited to see her language and speaking abilities develop over time!

Sophie is still exclusively breastfed. We’ll start introducing food before long, but this is what is working well for us now!


I’ll start this out by saying that Sophie has been a pretty good sleeper thus far. We’ve definitely had our share of rougher nights during the newborn stage and during growth spurts, etc., but overall we’ve slept okay!

^^ Some of my favorite moments each day are when I rock Sophie before her naps! ^^

For quite a while, Sophie was sleeping something like 10:30 pm till 4 or 4:30 am, which was amazing. And technically, she did sleep pretty well up until around her 5 month birthday. This past week, sleep has been a bit more difficult! We are working on having her sleep in her own room, so the transition to that has been harder on everyone the past couple days.

^^ Playing around (with her foot in her mouth) after waking from her nap! ^^

She still naps quite well during the day, with her midmorning nap being the longest or best nap of the day. I’ll have to update you all on how sleeping is going once we work out the details with this whole sleeping-in-her-own-room thing. 🙂

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She Likes:

Toys, her hands, her feet (and putting them in her mouth), grabbing things, splashing in the sink when she has her bath, cuddling with us, rocking, hearing any kind of music or singing, having story time, playing with her balloon, and nursing!!

^^ Look at her sweet little hands! ^^

She also loves sitting with her daddy when he comes home from work!

^^ Learning about history with Daddy! ^^


Tummy time (sometimes), being hungry (don’t we all dislike that?!), and spitting up. She’s also at a stage right now where she loves being with Bjorn and me, and gets a bit fussy with others.

This past month, Sophie:

  • Had her 4 month doctor’s appointment!
  • Got to hang out with my friend Emily! We had a great day at the Arboretum!

  • Went on a walk with me! I’m looking forward to doing this more and more as the weather warms up here in Minnesota!

  • Met her second cousin, named Emily! She is such a sweet little girl, and it was fun for us to meet a baby who is related to our own baby. 🙂

We are:

  • Honestly blown away by the fact that she’s 5th months old already! 🙁 It makes me sad because I want time to slow down, but it has been a blast watching our daughter grow! Seeing her personality develop is so special.

  • Loving how social and interactive Sophie is becoming! Seeing her engage with us and with others brings us a lot of laughter and joy.

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  1. Rory loved the bumbo! We got ours off of Facebook Marketplace and had to eventually put it away when she outgrew it b/c she would still try to sit in it and she just did not fit.

    It is really nice having family (or even friends) with babies close in age to yours. My cousin’s daughter is 1 month younger than Rory. My friend’s daughter is 5 months older than Rory and my twin nieces are 6 months younger than Rory. And my other cousin’s daughter is 11 months younger than Rory and will 4 months older than Rhylan. Oh and my other friend’s son will be 2 months older than Rhylan.

    1. Heather, it’s so fun that your daughter loved the Bumbo, too!! It has been a lot of fun for us to have around — Sophie can sit up with me in the kitchen while I work on supper, and she can now even join Bjorn and me for supper at the dining room table! 😉 It sounds like your kids have some awesome lifelong friends in the making! How fun it must be to have all the littles running around together!!

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