Sophie’s 3 Month Update

Sophie is 3 months old today! Time doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and although that makes me sad in a way, it really is such a joy to watch our daughter grow and thrive! 🙂

Sophie’s 3 Month Update


We call her BB or BeeBee all the time! She’s also Sweet Girl, The Little One, Honey Bunny, Baby Bee, Bugaboo, and more! 🙂

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Sophie weighed 6 lbs 5 oz when she was born. Now, she is just about 10 pounds! (It makes me think about women who have had a 10 pound baby – I admire you!!)

Sophie wears 0-3 month clothes now. She’s done with newborn clothes, which is bittersweet.

Fun milestones:

She smiles at most people who smile and talk or play with her! It is so fun to see these social smiles. She has two types of smiles, and I love them both so much: the sweet, soft smile like this:

And the goofy, gummy one that seriously cracks us up!

Sophie has really discovered her hands in the past week or so! I’ve caught her staring and staring at them, and practicing (almost) folding her hands together like she’s praying. She just loves waving them around and seeing what all they do! It is too cute. She also likes to explore her full vocal range, especially during tummy time, with sounds like “Woo!” and “Woo hoo!” She also has some great pre-giggle sounds going on, if someone is being goofy with her!

A big, fun milestone happened recently: Sophie rolled over!!! 🙂 And, she did it on my birthday (Jan. 4)!! It was a great birthday present. I had laid her down on her blanket to do some brief tummy time, and when I checked on her only a couple minutes later, she had flipped onto her back and was laying there semi-stunned at what had just happened!

The funny thing is, we’ve been trying to encourage her to roll over again ever since my birthday, and she won’t do it. She is super close, but right now, tummy time is either a low-key time with her just laying and sucking on her hand, or she gets frustrated because she wants to turn over! I’m sure before long, she’ll be rolling a lot more!

This isn’t really a milestone, but in the past month, we’ve realized that our daughter does not have the super light or white blonde hair I was anticipating! (Both Bjorn and I were really blonde as kids.) Her cute fuzzy hair is a light brown! And in certain light, it seems almost reddish! We may have a sweet little brunette on our hands! How fun!


Around the start of the new year, Bjorn and I decided it was time to try having Sophie back in her bassinet instead of in her DockATot on the bed between us. It’s been going very well! Sophie still gets lots of cuddles and story time on the bed with us before her bedtime, so I think that has helped her with the transition back to her bassinet.

We LOVED the DockATot co-sleeping option, but we’re working on reclaiming our bed for ourselves and having more room to sleep, haha.

In terms of hours of sleep, Sophie usually eats before going to bed between 10 and 10:30. Then she will typically sleep a 5 hour stretch, from 10:30-3:30. After waking to eat, she will sleep another 2-ish hours before she and I get up for our day. I’m so proud of her! She hasn’t been sad in her bassinet – she’s still in our room with us, which probably helps – and she really isn’t a screamer when she wakes during the night. She just lightly fusses to let me know she’s hungry. Such a sweet girl.

She has started to settle into more of a pattern as to when she likes to nap during the day. As of now, she likes to have a midmorning nap, an early afternoon nap, sometimes a mid-afternoon nap, a suppertime nap, and middle-of-the-evening nap. I’m happy to say that I can read her really well by this point, and I know what any fussing means pretty quickly. 🙂 I’ve been putting her down in her crib in her room for a couple of her naps each day, and she has done so well with that! It’s nice that she can start to get used to being happy in her own room.


Her hands! The other day, I was washing dishes and watching her on the baby monitor…and she proceeded to wake from her nap, completely escape from her swaddle, and stare at/play with her hands! She played alone that way for a while before needing me. 🙂

She likes music and songs, whether played on my Bluetooth radio in the kitchen or sung by her daddy or me (her daddy has a much better singing voice, haha). She enjoys laying on her back a lot now days, and will contentedly stare at things around her. If we lay her down with her Wubbanub toy on or near her, she’ll casually bat at it until it moves. She doesn’t even mind if the toy flops up onto her face – it’s silly and cute! 🙂

She still loves baths – it will be fun when she can sit up in the kitchen sink by herself and splash, too. For now, Bjorn and I still bathe her together as a team effort – babies are slippery when wet! 😉

Sophie loves books. It may sound ridiculous that a 3-month-old can already enjoy reading, but it is so true! She doesn’t just stare at the ceiling while her daddy reads to her; she stares at the pictures and at the words. No matter her mood, a book will calm her down. I’ve been reading her Jesus Storybook Bible to her, and Bjorn also reads history books to her in the evenings (they’re working on one about the Romans right now). 🙂 Since Bjorn and I love reading and learning so much, we’re happily raising a lifelong learner of our own and it is so fun!

She absolutely is a cuddle bug! (She’s even snuggling in my arms now as I type with one hand.) She certainly has her more independent moments, where she prefers to play alone or on the floor, but she generally just craves snuggles!


The usual: being cold, being hungry… And she isn’t a big fan of getting shots (who is?). She’ll scream and her face will turn red (it is seriously the saddest thing!) but she is such a sweet girl – she almost instantly forgets the shot and will forgive the nurse and me, and smile quickly. 🙂

I’ve also noticed she’s pretty sensitive to anyone’s tone of voice – she tends to get worked up if she hears someone’s tense, angry or frustrated voice.

This past month, Sophie got to:

  • Celebrate her first Christmas! I wrote a whole post on that here. She got another Wubbanub in her stocking this year – a fox!
  • Have her first playdate – with her friend Selah!
  • Go to our annual New Year’s Eve party with friends in the Twin Cities! She got to meet our friends’ new baby, Campbell! The two of them didn’t stay up till midnight with the rest of us, but they still had fun. Plus, Sophie got to wear her New Year’s outfit that her Aunt Amy got her! 🙂

  • Have a playdate and meet my friend Jordan’s new baby, Eden! Doesn’t Sophie look so old here?!

  • Attend her daddy’s change of command ceremony! Bjorn became the commander of his army reserves unit. That was a special day!

We are:

  • Those people who are obsessed with how cute and charming their baby is. It’s true. But it’s also true that she is such a charming, beautiful little girl! Even people at the grocery store exclaim about her eyes or her cute-shaped head, haha! We love her and we certainly are smitten.
  • Enjoying Snapchat filters 😉

Life with Solveig is SUCH a blast! She is such a joy to be around and we can’t wait to see how she grows and how God will use her. 🙂

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