Sophie’s 2 Month Update


Sophie turns 2 months old on December 16! These past 8 weeks sure have flown by!

Sophie’s 2 Month Update


We call her BB or BeeBee all the time!! Those pregnancy nicknames really do stick. πŸ™‚ She also gets called Sophie B, Soph, The Little One, Honey Bunny, and Funny Bunny. πŸ˜‰ And I call her Sweet Girl a lot, too.

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Sophie weighed 6 lbs 5 oz when she was born. By her 1 month appt, she was 7 lbs 8 oz! We weighed her at home this week at she is at least 9 pounds now!! She has her 2 month doctor’s appointment on Friday, so we’ll get a definite update on her height and weight soon!

She has officially outgrown her newborn sleepers in length; her little toes were really pushing up against the bottom of the footie pajamas, so we have recently (at 7 weeks) transitioned to 0-3 month clothes!!

Fun milestones:

She is so much more alert now than even at 1 month old! On our way to my 6 week postpartum check-up, I noticed that instead of sleeping, her little eyes were looking all around while we drove!

Sophie can usually be enticed to smile if someone is tickling her nose and grinning at her! But, she’ll often just smile on her own, trying to catch our eye and engage with us! That’s the most fun part of this past month, I’d say. Her social smiles just keep increasing.

Sophie likes to watch everyone and listen to conversations. She’s also much more active – when she’s laid on her back under the Christmas tree or something, she’ll wave her arms all around (not just a startle reflex) and kick her legs a lot!

“running” video

She follows people with her eyes as they move about the room, too. She is crying real tears now – a developmental milestone. It’s so sad to see little tears on those little lashes! πŸ™ But, I’d say she’s mostly a happy little girl! She likes to make happy noises now, both when she’s with us and when I’m in the next room! It’s so cute to hear a happy little “whee!” or “ahh!” kind of noise coming from her direction!


During that first month, Sophie was awake multiple times a night, as is usual for a newborn! Her pattern of 9 pm fussiness (like clockwork!) has essentially evaporated by now (hooray!!). We are ALL sleeping much better at night now. Part of that is developmental, but part of it is also a new routine we do: Sophie now sleeps in her DockATot on our bed at night! We love our bassinet and plan to continue to use it once she’s a little bigger… but for now, this system really works for us.

We had never anticipated co-sleeping, but one night when she was especially fussy, we scooped her up and put her in her DockATot between us on the bed — and she instantly calmed and slept so well! Bjorn and I joke that she sings that song from The Little Mermaid: “I wanna be where [my] people are…” πŸ™‚ It’s just plain where she wants to be right now, and where she feels most safe and comforted at night. And honestly, it helps me sleep so well because I’m merely inches away from her and it’s easier to check on her throughout the night. The DockATot has high “bumpers” which prevent us from being able to roll on her. Not everyone agrees with co-sleeping. HERE is an article from DockATot’s website regarding how to safely co-sleep with the DockATot.

Now days, Sophie generally sleeps a 4-5 hour stretch initially at night (something like 11 pm – 4 or 5 am), eats, and then we try to sleep another 1-2 hours. I have been loving that first 4-5 hour stretch! It’s life-changing, haha. I look forward to her being able to sleep a little longer than that eventually, but for now, it has been a blessing.


She enjoys bath time a lot. So far, Bjorn and I have always bathed her together – it’s nice to work as a team when you’re dealing with a fragile, slippery baby! We discovered a great way to conclude her baths: while we’re bathing her, we throw her hooded towel in the dryer for a few minutes. She just LOVES being wrapped up in a warm towel after her bath! (Wouldn’t we all love that?!)

Usually, no matter her mood, Sophie enjoys going on walks or car rides. She’s easily soothed when she’s snuggled into her car seat and it’s bouncing or rocking. I’m grateful for that, since our doctor’s office and my favorite grocery store are at least 35 minutes away!

She’s enjoying her electric swing more and more. She’ll even take a nice nap in her swing most days. We like to place her swing by the Christmas tree so she can stare up at it.

Speaking of the Christmas tree, Sophie totally loves staring at any lights – especially twinkly lights! I outlined 3 more windows on our first level with Christmas lights to make downstairs an even more fun atmosphere for her. And her grandpa (my dad) put up a lot of fun twinkly lights at my parents’ place, so she’d have more lights to look at! πŸ™‚

Sophie is still a huge cuddle bug!! She loves being snuggled up in someone’s arms.

Tummy time helps her feel calm, especially if someone is patting her back.

Tummy Time Video

She also loves my peaceful music! I shared my peaceful Spotify playlist recently. She really calms down whenever I play it (I’ve got the music on now as I type, and she relaxed a ton when I put it on!).

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Sophie doesn’t like being cold (like if someone has ice cold hands!). She also doesn’t like having shirts go on or off over her head.Β Sometimes she cries when she spits up, because it surprises her!

This past month, Sophie got to:

  • Celebrate her first Thanksgiving!

  • Meet Santa at Family Day for Bjorn’s army unit! It was fun for her to meet the other soldiers, too. πŸ™‚

  • Go to church for the first time! She and I were able to attend my parents’ church (the one I grew up at) when we stayed with them for a weekend. Bjorn had army drill that day but Sophie and I were free and eager to get to church! She got to say hi to my former 3rd grade teacher, too!
  • Meet my college roommate, Jenna!

We are:

  • So in love with our little girl!! We are seeing more and more of her personality surface each day, which makes every interaction a lot of fun. Just last night, Sophie was looking up at her daddy and instead of simply smiling back when he grinned at her, she grinned back at him and went “HAA!” — just like a little laugh! She did this multiple times and it made our night.

  • Realizing that Sophie may actually have BROWN hair!! That is so fun! I was totally expecting a little blonde baby since I was so blonde as a baby myself…but Bjorn has brown hair and many people on both sides of our families are brunettes, so…we’ll see!
  • Sleeping much better now. (Especially me, since I’m such a light sleeper already.) It just has worked out so well to have her co-sleep for now.
  • Reading a book called The Happiest Baby on the BlockΒ (aff. link). I’m loving it! I already have learned some great tricks for soothing a fussy baby. The author, a pediatrician, talks about the “5 S’s” for soothing a baby: stomach/side (not for sleeping, though), swaddling, shushing (loud white noise), sucking (on something!), and swaying (even just a little). When you layer them all together, they are really effective! Now I use these 5 actions for Sophie when she’s sad and they always work like a charm!

Life with Solveig is SUCH a blast!! She is such a joy to be around and we can’t wait to see how she grows and how God will use her. πŸ™‚

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  1. Little Sophie is so cute, and you guys clearly love her to pieces!

    However, your comment about the Dockatot as a co-sleeper is incorrect, and also goes against guidelines about the use of these types of sleep positioners. The director of marketing for Dockatot has said that “We do not promote our products as intended for sleep accommodation,” and “DockATot does not promote the DockATot for bed-sharing or co-sleeping.” Google “dockatot dangerous” and you’ll see where this product has been misused. From an infant safety perspective, I’d just hate for someone to read this and get the wrong idea about how these products should be used.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your concern regarding safe sleeping! My husband and I of course want to do the right thing, and have definitely looked up information on safe co-sleeping. I have updated the blog post to include an article from DockATot’s website regarding co-sleeping, and they even address the question of how to safely use the dock for co-sleeping. Bjorn and I follow all of their guidelines for that. The founder of DockATot co-slept using the dock as well. Their site has other articles on co-sleeping, too. It’s nice to know that you care about infant safety like we do! Thanks!

  2. She is so incredibly beautiful! And I love the idea of warming up her towel while she’s in the bath–I think I’ll do that tonight!

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