Sophie’s 10 Month Update


Can you believe it? We’re in the double digits now! Sophie is 10 months old! 

Sophie’s 10 Month Update:

Nicknames: Sophie B, Sophie Bean, BeeBee (probably the most often used one), Honey, Dolly, BeeBee Brynn, Bumblebee, and Sophie Saurus. 🙂

Size: Sophie was weighed at the doctor’s office this week – she’s 17 pounds 2 ounces, and 27.5 inches tall.

Clothing-wise, Sophie is primarily in 12 month outfits at this point. She definitely still wears some 9 month clothing, but I’m planning ahead with some Kidizen purchases of 12-18 month clothing. (I love how some 12 month dresses can turn into nice tunic shirts with leggings, too.)

Fun milestones: During this past month, Sophie was officially on the outside as long as she was on the inside! It was so fun to realize that! 🙂 We did a comparison photo on that day:

To be honest, it’s getting harder to remember each of her new milestones…because it feels like everything is a new fun skill for her these days! 🙂 And that’s a good thing! I’ll just mention some that I don’t want to forget.

Sophie is ON THE GO! She’s a determined, happy little girl. I love the mix of things I see in her sweet personality. She is content to sit on my lap and watch and listen if we’re in public at an event or something…but then she also loves to adventure and go on little missions around the house. 🙂 She’s not afraid to squeal at things that excite her or sing happily in the aisles of the grocery store. She’s also just a cuddly sweet child! Sure, she’s attached to me to a certain extent, since we’re home together all day, but she’s great at hanging out in a church nursery and playing with others! I’m very proud of her.

Sophie has figured out how to wave now. I often phrase it like, “Say hi!” And she’ll start to wave at someone or something.

She crawls very quickly to get everywhere she wants to go! Sophie also knows how to pull up on furniture (or even on a flat wall!). She loves standing. She has had a few moments of standing in mid-air for a millisecond – brave girl! Something I find so adorable is how carefully she lowers herself from standing back to sitting. She gingerly puts her left foot behind her right foot, like a dainty curtsy, and sits down in a measured way. It’s so cute! She’s a cautious girl – maybe deliberate is a good way to put it – but she definitely has a lot of bold moments. She doesn’t let her caution hold her back. She likes to be curious! 🙂

Sophie grins at people who say hi to her at the store. She loves to sing (with a high-pitched, soft voice), but she also seems to have a lower speaking voice (just like her mama!). It’ll be so fun to see her talk more and more, and start using words. We try to do some sign language with her, and I know she’s trying to do certain signs (especially “more”), but she hasn’t really mastered that one yet. She determinedly looks at me and waves her hands up and down (not together), but I know she means “more.” 🙂 We’ll get there! I just want to help her out some as she is transitioning to words, but still has some opinions!!

She’s in the phase right now of wanting to empty everything – boxes, cupboards, drawers… it’s hilarious but also inconvenient, haha. Speaking of hilarious, Sophie’s got a great sense of humor! She loves doing that “baa baa baa” trick with the back of her hand on her mouth, and then stops to see if you’ve noticed, and bursts out laughing. She likes to tickle our feet and look up at us for our reaction.

One of the sweetest things she’s been doing lately is random cuddles. She’ll be in the middle of playing and then stop everything, crawl over, and lay her head in my lap. Or she’ll do this when certain people hold her; she’ll stop, look up at them, and lean her mouth or cheek against their cheek…just pausing and smiling. 🙂


She likes to start out sleeping on her back, then eventually will move to her side and stomach. She sleeps in a sleepsack still, which works out so well. And…her parents are getting 8 hours of sleep still! (Hooray!) I’m so grateful! I think that being pretty tight on a consistent napping/eating/bedtime schedule with her has paid off majorly. We don’t have a 100% perfect schedule and we’re okay straying a bit when we need to, but the schedule has helped a lot.

Sophie wakes around 7:45 am (also lately it’s been getting earlier, more like 7:15). She takes a 90-120 minute morning nap around 10 am, and another nice nap in the afternoon. I put her to bed around 7:30 pm every night, and I still do a dreamfeed for her at 10:45 pm. Then she’ll sleep 8 hours after that!

Sophie likes: 

  • Horses! This has been an even bigger thing for her recently, with a couple county fairs going on this summer! She loves horses so much! 🙂
  • Music. She likes to bounce and dance to the beat of pretty much any song. We also scoop her up and dance around the living room. 🙂

  • Eating! 🙂 She is still nursing 5 times a day, and nursing is such a comfort to her. She also loves eating her fruit and veggie purees (store-bought and homemade), as well as other fun finger foods!

  • Books! I’ll often peek in on her during her independent play time, and she’ll be sitting with one of her books open on her lap, carefully turning the pages. She loves her lift-a-flap books, too!

Sophie doesn’t like:

  • Strawberries. 🙁 There’s a bit of a story with this one. This past Monday morning, she threw up big-time during her morning nap, and was really sleepy and then developed a big rash all over her whole body! She had itchy splotches everywhere. It was so sad, and worrisome for mama! I worried it was from something at the county fair, but she hadn’t touched anything there… and I worried it could be something even worse. At least she was in a great mood after she got sick to her stomach. But we got in to the doctor as soon as we could, and they checked her out. Then they had someone else come in and look at her, and she (the person who does allergy testing) said it definitely looked like an allergy. Not an infection or anything viral. I showed them a new Gerber freeze dried snack Sophie had tried that morning and the night before…and one of the main ingredients was strawberries! The woman who does the allergy testing said that that’s likely it. 🙁 I felt so bad. I’ve actually been avoiding giving her fresh strawberries since they’re a known allergen for little ones, but failed to double-check the ingredient list closely for these “mixed berry” snacks. There is a chance it was eggs, too, even though she’s been enjoying scrambled eggs for breakfast for weeks now. But it’s most likely strawberries. We picked up some baby Benadryl but didn’t need to use it, since her rash faded almost all of the way overnight. Thank you, Lord! I know more things like this will come during her childhood, but it was the first time she was actually sick, besides a runny nose, so it felt like a big deal. That, and the rash looked so awful and dramatic. Needless to say, we will be avoiding strawberries for awhile – the suggestion was to wait until she’s at least one.

This past month, Sophie:

  • Went to Branson, Missouri, with Mama and Daddy! She turned 9 months old on that trip. The trip included visiting her first historic battlefield. 🙂 I talk more about that trip here.

  • Helped Mama and Grandma Jan hold their first garage sale!

  • Went swimming! (Multiple times!) She went with Auntie Signe, and later with Mama and Daddy, too!

  • Spent some time with friends! We had my friend Jordan and her girls over one day, which was so fun! And we also met up with them at a local children’s museum! Sophie and I met up with my friend Emily on a rainy day, too!

  • Met her first cousin Mia for the first time!!
  • Went on a playground swing for the first time. 🙂 She liked it!

  • Enjoyed two different county fairs! (And especially all of the animals that come with them.) We even went to a professional rodeo, too!

I may be forgetting something, but it sure has been a full, wonderful month! Hence, all of the pictures! 😉

Every day with Sophie is filled with such sweet moments. She is such a gift!


    1. Thank you, Aunt Jan!! 🙂 She is a lot of fun! I’m glad you enjoyed all of the photos! I really went crazy with adding photos to this post! It was too hard to narrow them down. 🙂

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