Sophie’s 1 Year Update!


I can’t believe it! Solveig Brynn turned one yesterday! Happy birthday, sweet girl! We love you so.

Sophie’s 1 Year Update:

** This will be the last monthly update for Sophie, now that she’s a year old. From this point on, I’d like to space them out more. Right now I’m thinking her next update will be at 15 months or so!

Nicknames: Honey Bunny, Bunny, Bumblebee, BeeBee (the nickname she had ever since she was in the womb!), BeeBee Bonnet, Dolly Madison (haha), and more!

Size: We’ll have her 1 year appointment next week and then we’ll know for sure! But I can definitely tell she’s been growing a lot lately! Clothing-wise, she’s in a lot of 12 month and even 12-18 month clothes lately. We’re definitely looking ahead at getting into 18 month sizes before too long! 🙂

^^ These days, she’s sitting in the cart like a big girl more often than being worn! It’s bittersweet! ^^

^^ Blurry, but a favorite of mine. She has the sweetest little cuddly smiles! ^^

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Fun Milestones:

Oh boy. There are so, so many. And there are also things that maybe I think are milestones but are probably just really creative things that Sophie has been doing! 😉 We’ll count them anyway. Every day is full of new games and learning with her!

^^ Standing and holding her squirrel balloon from her birthday party! ^^

Sophie stands for a good amount of time on her own now! (Not forever, but even something like 10-13 seconds!) She isn’t really trying to take a step forward, but that’s fine! She’ll eventually learn to walk at her own pace. 🙂

Sophie has really been soaking up some baby sign language lately: signs like “diaper,” “more,” “rest,” “music,” “drink (water),” “nurse,” and a really sweet one – “thank you.” She’ll definitely mimic our voices when we say certain words she knows! (Like “DI!” for “diaper.” She loves to look towards the front door and say “Dada!” 🙂 And when we ask her what a bird says, she makes a high-pitched cheeping noise, like we’ve taught her. Language acquisition is so fun!

Sophie loves making up little games to play – things like putting her cereal puffs on top of her sippy cup in order to tilt it and pour them into her mouth. She loves being tickled but also tickling others, haha. She’ll crawl over to you and scrunch her little hand on your bare foot and go, “AHHH!” It’s hilarious! She and Daddy like to play “forts” with big blankets. She got a rocking horse from my parents for her birthday, which she loves to hug and pet and ride. Lately, she’s been flopping onto her back – not only on our bed, but on the floor! – just to be goofy and giggly! And she’s a very clean little girl – hardly ever putting things in her mouth. I think I’m getting spoiled for any future children. Sophie-girl simply crawls over to us and hands us pieces of lint or crumbs that she finds! 😉

^^ Sophie was so curious about my bobby pins so I showed her how they work. She was so excited and proud to have a bobby pin on her own head! Bless her heart – she’ll eventually have hair to play with! 😉 ^^

She also tries to put on her hair bows or clothes as best as she can. It’s so cute!

^^ Trying to get her vest on by herself! ^^

She continues to love music! We play a Beethoven record for her a lot – she loves singing and dancing along to his 6th symphony in F, I believe. And she really loves the song “Baby Beluga!” Any kind of dancing, singing, or percussion is a huge favorite of hers. We even sit at the piano together and pound out a tune. 😉 I know she’ll be musical, which is so fun, because her whole family is!


Sleep has been a little more interesting this past month. Sophie’s been waking during the night a bit more often, and I’m trying to figure out why that is! It could even be a combination of growth spurts, teething, and her daytime nap schedule needing to change! She doesn’t wake every night, but I’d say she is waking about every other night, and once or twice during those nights. It’s kind of tricky, since we’ve gotten used to her sleeping so well! But honestly, overall, she’s sleeping really well. She takes great morning naps, usually (about 2 hours). Her afternoon nap time seems to be wanting to shift a bit so I’m eager to figure that out! 🙂

I basically covered all the things Sophie is currently loving in the “fun milestones” category, so I’m going to skip over the likes and dislikes today. 🙂 

This past month, Sophie:

  • Hung out with friends! We spent time with my college roommate, Jenna, and our friends Jordan and Alex and their girls!

^^ Bedtime stories with Mr. Bjorn before our friends had to head out! ^^

  • Enjoyed another couple fun MOPS outings! She does a great job with playing in the nursery there. This last time, when I set her down to play, she looked around at the other babies who were all crying (in the 0-2 year old room) and she didn’t cry but started yelling “ahhhh!” 🙂 Haha! It’s like she thought she needed to match the volume in there! But everyone calmed down and had a great morning. I peeked in on her at the end, and she was experimenting with dropping a couple bean bags from a short table onto the floor. 🙂 It’s so fun to see her playing independently and learning to interact with others!
  • Did our 2018 family photos! This year, our photos were very different from last year’s. Last year, we did photos indoors and cuddled up with our newborn. This year, we snagged our photos earlier, before it got too cold, and Sophie got to wear her special birthday dress! (We’ve been trying to get good use out of that dress, so she’s been wearing it for whatever fun, special occasions she can this season! She loves it so much!)

^^ Playing with some of her new toys from her birthday party! ^^

^^ Giving her new rocking horse a hug! ^^

  • Had her first birthday party! We had it a little early, because October (especially mid-October) is a very busy harvest season around here! It was SUCH a sweet, special day. Sophie truly had a lot of fun – from opening her presents to crawling around and saying hi to everyone, to carefully enjoying her smash cake! 🙂 I plan to share more about the party before long!

^^ I love how she always places an arm up on Bjorn’s shoulder. It’s so sweet how she holds on to him! ^^

  • Saw snow! (Not for the first time, but for the first time since she was maybe 6 months old!) She loved it – well, at least from indoors looking out at all the white on the trees and the yard!

  • Went to a cross country meet! Bjorn’s the assistant coach and Sophie wanted to visit Daddy and cheer on the team. It was super cold, though, so we didn’t stay long!

I really cannot believe we’re at the one year mark with our precious girl. We’ve come so far since that night a year ago when we held our 6 lb 5 oz peanut for the first time. We were flooded with joy and love for her then…but little did we know how deeply and intensely our love would run! The balance of her spunk and curiosity mixed with her gentleness and thoughtfulness is such a beautiful thing to see. We can’t wait to see how God will use her! Happy birthday, sweet girl! We love you so, so much, Sophie!