Sophie’s 1 Month Update


Hooray! Instead of biweekly pregnancy updates, I now get to share monthly updates as our sweet little girl grows! I’m a bit late on this one, but better late than never! (And her 2 month update will be here very soon, too! Haha!)

Sophie’s 1 Month Update


BB, the nickname Sophie had during my pregnancy, has stuck! We’ve been calling her BB or BeeBee a lot! 🙂 She also gets called Sophie B, Soph, The Little One, Honey Bunny, and Funny Bunny. 😉

^^ One of my favorite pictures of her, ever! It shows her sweet spirit and how much of a cuddle bug she is! ^^

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Sophie weighed 6 lbs 5 oz when she was born. By her 1 month appt, she was 7 lbs 8 oz! On the growth charts, she is about in the middle when it comes to her height (which surprises me a little because both Bjorn and I are tall!) — we’ll see if she starts shooting up even more in height! And as far as her weight goes, she is definitely on the light side of things. Totally not a surprise at all, seeing as how I’ve always been on the lightweight trend line on those graphs. She is doing so well, though!

Fun milestones:

She has always been good at latching and eating (she’s exclusively breastfed at this point). And, Sophie likes to lift her head up! People do mention that she has such a strong little neck! 🙂

^^ This was a hilariously cute 4 am expression when she woke up and realized she had slept the longest stretch she’d ever done before! 😉 ^^


During that first month, Sophie was awake multiple times a night, as is usual for a newborn! She started to settle into a pattern of fussiness around 9 pm (so much so, that it felt like clockwork to Bjorn and me!). But, I learned that that doesn’t automatically mean she would be diagnosed with colic; she was just experiencing evening colicky times.

^^ Her darling expressions at 4 am were a big part of what got me through those first few weeks! ^^


Sophie discovered that she really enjoys baths! We have a soft flower petal mat that sits in the kitchen sink. When Bjorn and I gave her her first bath at home, she sat there oh-so-quietly and was just peaceful and observant! (She also loves rain and other water sounds!)

^^ All snuggly in her bee towel after her first bath at home! ^^

She likes it when I grab her feet and move them so she can kick along to Riverdance! 🙂

Sophie loves eating (of course) – it automatically solves all of her problems and halts any crying. (How nice to have such an easy, accessible solution, haha!)

She loves being warm and cuddling. She really loves looking up at her daddy, and being tucked in close to him in the evenings as we all relax before going to bed.

Sophie is a fan of hearing conversation around her, too!


She loathes being cold!

^^ Our first mother-daughter selfie, a couple days before she turned 1 month! 🙂 ^^

This past month, Sophie got to:

  • meet a couple of my friends
  • go on her first walk
  • attend a baby shower thrown for her by our fellow teachers
  • wear her cute elephant ears around the grocery store and to the library for Halloween

We are:

  • tired but so so happy. We keep looking at how tiny and perfect every part of her is, from her little button nose to her ears to her chin to her fingers and toes! 🙂
  • so grateful that both of our families have helped out so much! Family is truly such a blessing. We don’t know what we would’ve done without my mom staying with us overnight for a couple long stretches at the beginning…or my sis-in-law Signe being a few minutes away and so willing to come over and help out!

There will be a new 2 month update on the blog very soon! (She is 7 weeks old already as I type this!)

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  1. She is so sweet and precious! Some nicknames just stick. To some of the little boys in our family, I think they will always refer to Rory as Baby Rory lol. I used to (and still do) play river dance music for Rory and she is obsessed. I used to make her tap dance and do hitch kicks and then when she got big enough to go in the eversaucer, she’d bounce and kick to the beat. Hoping to get her started in dance classes/ irish dance classes when she is 2.

    1. That is awesome!! I think it is so fun that both of our daughters love Riverdance! 🙂 And it’s cute that the boys in your family still call her Baby Rory 🙂 I’m excited to see how Sophie likes to jump and kick someday in a saucer or something similar!

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