Sophie On the Farm

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Last weekend, it finally warmed up enough for us to spend some longer stretches of time outdoors! It felt amazing! The sun shone for most of Saturday, so we brought Sophie over to my in-laws’ farm and she got to try out her new rain boots in the farm yard! As I watched her run around happily, it struck me that the last time the weather was this warm (last fall), she wasn’t even walking much yet! So that fun afternoon spent exploring outside ushered in a whole new era for us: Sophie-girl now gets to walk around like a big girl and enjoy being outside from a whole new vantage point! Summer is going to be a blast! There is so much to see and do and discover!

Today’s blog post is a bit different: since this blog still functions as my digital journal…I’m just sharing all of my favorite photos from last weekend! I hope you enjoy this peek into our happy afternoon on the farm! It’s a real joy to have places like this just minutes from us, and I’m so glad that Sophie’s childhood gets to look like this. (And from the photos, you can tell she was just a little bit glad, too!) Something tells me she’s going to be one content little farm girl. 🙂

PS – how cute are Sophie’s rain boots?! She loves them so much, and she’s so proud that she can run around outside by herself now days! I scored these boots only slightly used on the Kidizen app, which is my favorite way to purchase Sophie’s clothes! (You can get $5 to spend by using this link!)

^^ Can you tell she took a little tumble in the mud? 😉 She didn’t get hurt at all – the ground was too springy, haha! ^^

^^ her beloved rock collection 🙂 ^^

^^ She did hold my hand…kind of! Sophie didn’t want to drop her little rock collection, though! ^^

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