Simple Toddler Easter Basket (Candy-Free)


It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of April already, and with it comes the celebration of Easter! I shared Sophie’s first Easter basket last year in this post, when she was only about 5 months old. I’ve already had even more fun with her basket this year, simply because there are more “interactive” items in her basket, like books or educational games!

I originally debated about whether or not to give Sophie an Easter basket, since I don’t want the holiday to become materialistic to her as she grows up. I’ve had to think about how we’ll approach this holiday with intention. Easter excitement shouldn’t only center around things like candy and treats and egg hunts, even though those things are definitely fun. (And there’s something to be said for creating special family memories and traditions.) There’s a bigger picture here that we don’t want our family to miss: celebrating the historical, miraculous fact that Jesus rose again! (By the way, the movie “The Case For Christ” on Netflix is an awesome one to watch, as an atheist wrestles with whether all that really did happen. True story. He wrote a book about his experience, too.)

Anyway, I know this post is coming rather close to Easter, but I’ve been taking a bit of a break from blogging lately as I was really in need of rest. I’m easing back in as I feel like it. The good news is, by the time you see this post, many of these items can still be found at Target in time for Easter! 🙂

This year, I wanted to do an Easter basket that doesn’t involve candy. I’m assuming we’ll probably incorporate more candy into Sophie’s Easter baskets as she gets older, but I didn’t want that to be a major element of her basket this year.

I hope today’s post inspires you a bit – maybe you’ll find a fun idea to add to your own child’s basket this year! Do you do Easter baskets in your family? What do you like to put in them?

Simple Toddler Easter Basket (Candy-Free)

I’m just keeping it simple in this post; I don’t have individual photos of every element, but I tried to make sure you could see most of them in the basket photos! PS – some links are affiliate. Thanks for supporting me!

(I purchased Sophie’s Easter basket for $5 at Walmart last year.) Sophie was with me at Target a few weeks ago when I picked out most of the items for her Easter basket. She’s at a fun age for this because I could see which things she loved the most…but she won’t totally remember picking them out! 😉

Bunny Ears // I thought these would be super fun – and Sophie sure liked them when she saw them at Target! She’s beginning to play pretend more and more, and she generally likes wearing things like bows and hats, so I think she’ll really enjoy being a “bunny!” I can’t find the exact link for these white ears, but this headband was another I was considering!

Little Stuffed Chick // We really don’t need more stuffed animals, but this one was too cute to pass up. It jingles a bit so I think it’s meant for a younger baby as a rattle, but it’s still super squishy and cute!

Sunglasses // We saw these sunglasses at The Children’s Place at the mall, and I loved them on her! Granted, she probably won’t wear them a lot, but we did end up going back and picking these up. She at least likes to walk around the house trying to wear her infant sunglasses, so I thought these would be fun. 🙂

Stickers // We’re definitely at a sticker-loving age right now, and these cat and butterfly stickers are perfect for spring!

Finger Puppets // These are silicone or something, so they’re plastic-y and not fabric. They look pretty durable, and I believe they can be used as bath toys, too! These will be fun to stash in the diaper bag for church or other outings!

(Not pictured) Annie’s Bunny Graham Crackers // I’m going to be including a few small bags of these bunny grahams in Sophie’s basket. They’re so cute and she loves them as a special treat! Bunnies are the perfect fit for an Easter basket!

(Not pictured) Educational Plastic Easter Eggs // I ordered these from a while back. They took a long time to ship, so I was a little worried, but they arrived in time! It’s a set of sturdy white plastic eggs that can be opened in half. Inside are shape cut-outs that you can match together! It’ll be fun to help Sophie match colors or shapes! I can’t find the link for the eggs now that the deal is over, but these eggs are some very similar ones available on Amazon!

When Spring Comes // This is a sweet little board book about the changing seasons. 🙂 Sometimes I just like a simple, feel-good book like this one.

Tiny, Perfect Things // I’ve had my eye on this book for a couple years now, so I finally splurged and got it! I got another book by M.H. Clark called You Belong Here back when I was pregnant with Sophie and I loved it so much I turned part of the poem into a canvas for Sophie’s nursery.

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Found: Psalm 23 // This book is written by the same author who wrote The Jesus Storybook Bible, which is such an incredible read, for kids and adults alike! I got so excited when I saw she had written a book about the 23rd Psalm as well!

There you have it! That’s what Sophie’s Easter basket looks like. Do we have any of the same items you have in your kids’ Easter baskets? I’d love to hear what you like to include!