September // What I’m Looking Forward To

Can you believe it’s September? Here’s what I’m looking forward to this month!

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What I’m Looking Forward to in September:

1 // Time spent with friends. This weekend, we’re hosting a bunch of friends at our place — it’s so great when something like Labor Day means we can all get together! Bjorn and I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. There are also a few other times this month when I’ll be getting together with friends, and I’m excited! No matter how a friendship starts in life (whether through my husband, from years past, or through my blog!), I’m grateful for the people in my life.

2 // Childbirth classes. I know, it may sound weird that I’m looking forward to our childbirth classes, but I’m mostly just eager to gain some knowledge and be able to ask any questions I have. The hospital we’ll go to didn’t offer classes in August, so that’s why we’re taking them in September – much closer to when baby girl is due! I suppose that can be a good thing, as the information will be more fresh in our minds. I tend to err on the side of wanting more information rather than be left in the dark 🙂 so it’ll be nice to take notes and learn how Bjorn and I can work together well as a team.

3 // What will (hopefully) be a great harvest time. The end of September basically marks when things get farming-heavy around here, even though of course there’s always farm work that can be done. Bjorn will be harvesting our soybeans most likely towards the end of September, and also some of October, so I have already been praying that all goes smoothly weather-wise and efficiency-wise. With our little girl due October 12th, that means she is probably going to come at this busy time of year. (This means Bjorn teaches all day, and then farms until late at night each night, in addition to weekends.) I’d covet your prayers for a smooth harvest season this year, friends!

4 // Autumn’s arrival! I know people sometimes make fun of those who are obsessed with fall, but there are so many lovely aspects of this season that I truly am looking forward to! Even though it has been a nice, cooler summer here in MN, I do like feeling the crisp cool fall air. And I love the gorgeous leaves, and pumpkin spice, and wearing boots as part of all my outfits. 😉

5 // The Magic of Light class! I mentioned this in yesterday’s August Recap post, but I finally got into Summer Murdock’s well-known Magic of Light workshop! I am so excited! This class starts in September and will be an intensive look at improving photography by noticing and capturing light. That is something I’m always trying to do better in my photography journey, so I’m looking forward to working hard and growing this way.

6 // Final baby-related projects. Although we’re not totally there yet with our baby preparations, I know that even if she came today, we do have enough set up and ready for her that everything would be fine! (Isn’t that reassuring?) I am now 34 weeks along. At this point, I’ve washed and dried all of her clothes and I’ve begun to sort them and put them away. I’m also working on assembling things like her electric swing and putting baby shower gifts where they belong.

Our hospital bag is 90% packed, and eventually I’ll finish organizing my diaper bag (I’m taking my organizing cues from my friend Jordan and her awesome post on what’s in her diaper bag!). It’s a lot harder now days for me to bend, crouch, or sit on the floor to work on nursery tasks, so I’m trying to pace myself and not get too exhausted. Sorting through baby clothes makes it that much more fun and real! Baby girl will be here before we know it!

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What are you looking forward to this month?

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