Seeing James Taylor Live!

Something you may know about Bjorn and me is that we tend to act older than we truly are. Now, this doesn’t mean we’re more mature than our actual age 😉 – it means we love our record player, visiting historical sites, our fish tank (in lieu of a TV in the living room), reading before bed, going to bed early…the list goes on.

And it extends to our music tastes, too! We absolutely LOVE Billy Joel so seeing him last year was an amazing experience to cross off our bucket list. And a couple nights ago, we got to experience seeing another favorite musician of ours live: James Taylor!

I grew up listening to his CDs. Bjorn and I love to play his songs for fun. And “How Sweet It Is” was the song we selected for our wedding video! A lot of James Taylor’s music is interwoven through my growing up memories, so it was really special to see him live with Bjorn this week! (Plus, he came to Mankato in southern Minnesota, which is even closer to where we live than the Twin Cities are! We HAD to go!)

James was so personable (and totally hilarious) in front of the crowd. The venue was a lot more intimate than the larger venues in the Twin Cities, so it felt extra personal and special.

^^ “Shower The People” ^^

^^ “Sweet Baby James” ^^

^^ “Mexico” ^^

It was a wonderful evening and date night with my husband! We met up with my parents for supper beforehand, which is always fun! I hope you enjoyed these video clips! James’ voice hasn’t aged a bit and it was incredible. We highly recommend you try to see him at some point!



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