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I’m so excited about this post, friends!! I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for a long time.

Since we live in a small town, and in a more rural area, there aren’t shopping malls or other well-known clothing stores nearby. I do love shopping for clothing, and every now and then I like to refresh my wardrobe a bit – for things like a new season or new job.

How do I still get to shop my favorite brands without making the trip to the mall?

I use ThredUp!

What is ThredUp?

You may have heard of ThredUp before. What is it?

This is a genius website that allows you to shop high-quality secondhand clothing from your favorite brands, for up to 90% off the retail price! It functions just like any other clothing site where you would order items online to be shipped to your house, except you are getting a much, much better deal!

I realize that sometimes people aren’t especially excited about the idea of buying clothing that has been previously owned. I used to be this way until I discovered just how great the quality still was on clothing I could buy used at ThredUp.

ThredUp is a brand I am constantly recommending to people when they ask where I got a cute outfit. Friends are pleasantly surprised when I tell them I buy most of my clothing used and for such a great price!

(I’ve gotten a couple different North Face zip-ups for around $20 each, other wonderful dresses and skirts for teaching, as well as fun flowy tops and cute sweaters. Even though I’ve used ThredUp for a long time, my jaw still sometimes drops when I see a cute item and then notice how low the price is!)

I love the fact that ThredUp’s site is so easily navigated. You can quickly search for items by filtering for your size, the clothing type, the brand, or even the color you’re looking for!


Using ThredUp for my Favorite Brands:

Banana Republic has been one of my favorite brands for years. Their items are always high quality, classy pieces that are easy for me to incorporate into my teaching and my more casual wardrobe!

The same goes for Gap clothing. I’ve always loved Gap. Something you may not know about me: I actually worked at Gap and Gap Kids for a summer while in college. Gap has amazing basics and fun, fresh styles – and they’re known, of course, for their high quality classic jeans as well.

I love these brands, but the prices can be a bit high. Luckily, there is a beautiful solution out there – buying gently used, like-new pieces from Banana Republic and Gap via ThredUp!

Transitioning Into Fall With ThredUp:

Fall just may be my favorite season of all! Here in Minnesota, we’re blessed to experience those crisp and cool autumn mornings, golden sunsets, jewel-toned leaves on the trees… Some of those October days can be downright glorious!!

Autumn is also a great time to reevaluate your wardrobe. I recently spent an entire afternoon combing through clothing that I’ve had for years, sorting it into piles to donate or sell, and really refreshing my wardrobe for fall.

Some of my fall wardrobe essentials:

  • a couple good sweaters (of different colors and different lengths/fits)
  • boots
  • skinny jeans/black skinnies
  • scarves
  • statement necklaces
  • dresses (that can be layered with cardigans, and paired with leggings and boots)

Using ThredUp, I was able to select my a couple of my favorite brands (Banana Republic and Gap, like I mentioned earlier) and find clothing in my size that would be perfect for fall!

I wanted to share 3 different fall outfits with you today that I created using items from ThredUp.

Outfit #1:


Sweater // ThredUp (Gap)
Black jeggings // American Eagle
Boots // Herbergers





Outfit #2:


Long-sleeved shirt // ThredUp (Banana Republic)
Tank // American Eagle
Black jeggings // American Eagle
Statement necklace // Happiness Boutique



Outfit #3:


Dress // ThredUp (Gap)
Boots // Herbergers
Scarf // Albert, France 🙂





A Special Promo For You!

There is an extra-special promotion going on right now at ThredUp for Banana Republic clothing – 50% off for first-time purchases!!! (Discount up to $50.)

This is an incredible deal and I’m so glad I get to share it with you! Use this link (or the link below) to jump to the correct page on their site, and then use the code BR50 to get your 50% off Banana Republic clothing!

Code: BR50

You won’t regret hopping onto ThredUp’s site and giving them a try. You’ll be able to refresh your wardrobe this fall without making a huge dent in your wallet!

Have fun transitioning into your fall wardrobe with ThredUp!


** This post was sponsored by All opinions, however, are definitely mine! I only share brands and products on this blog that I truly approve of and love! **



  1. just saw your blog while searching online for something. Nice blog you got girl.. And i love that GAP dress.

    1. Hi Margie! The promo code is for first-time purchases/customers, so maybe that’s why it’s not working for you? I did check with the company and they said the code “BR50” is working for first-time customers. I’m sorry you had an issue with it! Thanks for reading along! I’m happy to hear you’re looking into ThredUp!

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