The puppy we’ll pretend is ours :)

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Today is a good day. Not only because it’s Friday, and not only because I’m sharing some super cute photos of a precious puppy (who doesn’t like Fridays or puppies?!)…but because it heralds a weekend of celebration with family! My sister-in-law Amy graduates from veterinary school in Iowa tomorrow and we can’t WAIT to celebrate with her!

Amy is a year older than my husband and me, and it’s been such a blessing to get to know her more over the years. I never had an older sibling growing up so it sure is fun having an older sis now! 🙂 So, our weekend will be full of driving and helping her pack, along with all the fun graduation events and hanging out with family. And we’re supposed to have gorgeous weather. Not bad, huh? May is turning out to be a great month so far. 🙂


My in-laws got a new puppy recently, so I figured he’d have to make his appearance on the blog before long! My sis-in-law Amy actually has a dog that’s the same breed, so it’s fun picturing how this little one will be when he’s grown up.


His name is Toby and he is so precious. Bjorn and I love spending time with him on the farm. He has such a sweet little personality. Initially, he was so sleepy and floppy (for lack of a better term), but now he’s a lot more playful and energetic. He’ll be quite a large dog when he’s full grown so it’s a blast to play with him now when he’s the size of a baby or lapdog. I love hoisting him onto my hip like a baby and carrying him around. That’ll be a bit more difficult (read: impossible) when he weighs almost as much as me!! 🙂










Bjorn and I took him out after work one day last week and we were playing with him when we suddenly decided to “kidnap” him and take him back to our place for a couple hours. We had things we needed to get done at home but we just didn’t feel like leaving him alone right then. Isn’t it fun just to be able to borrow a puppy for a while? 🙂


A funny little side note: Bjorn has this thing where he likes to call things by a more dignified name. For example, I had a car when we first married named Tucky. Bjorn referred to it Tucker. 😉 My childhood dog was named Dusty. Bjorn called Dusty “Dustin” since he reasoned it was more respectful for an older dog. 😉 So, with Bjorn calling little Toby “Tobias” now, you just may find me slipping up at times and accidentally calling him Tobias instead! We’ll see.

Toby (I do call him Toby-Wan Kenobi, haha) is a precious little guy! You’ll be sure to see more photos of him throughout the years as he grows up and spends time with us on the farm!





    1. 🙂 I’m glad you liked the photos, Daisy! 🙂 He is so precious – it’s fun to pretend he’s ours every now and then…and then return him to his mom. 🙂

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