Professional Teeth Whitening At Home (with a giveaway!)

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Let’s talk smiles!

I’m really grateful for the fact that I had braces as a kid. Sure, they’re uncomfortable and annoying when you’re in middle school, but they are a worthy investment in a future smile and I’m immensely thankful to my parents that we were able to make that happen!

While I love having teeth that are functional and straight, I’ve wished they were whiter for years now. Not in a shallow way – “Barbie” shouldn’t be the goal here – but I just always wondered if there was something more I could be doing to make my smile look even healthier.

I’ve tried whitening strips on and off over the years, even investing money in their pricier upgraded kits that promised even better results. I’ve also tried teeth whitening gels. But no matter what, I felt like I was getting either no results, or just sensitive teeth with slight results that soon faded. I wanted something a little more intensive, but I didn’t know where to turn.

I had heard of dentists offering professional whitening services and kits but it seemed so out of reach to me. Plus, not all of us are related to a dentist and can access those professional results ourselves without making appointments or spending a ton of money…or so I thought!

But then a company called Smile Brilliant reached out to me.

I was so excited because they offer professional grade teeth whitening, but it’s done in the comfort of your own home! And for Bjorn and me as new parents with a lot of things on our plate, we were thrilled that we could save time and money while still getting professional results.

The first step for us was doing a quick dental impression with the kit they mailed us, and sending that off to their lab. Next, their dental lab created awesome custom trays for us in under a week! (I have to say, I love the custom trays aspect of this system because the thing that always bugged me about whitening strips was how they’d slide around on your teeth and you always wondered if you were truly whitening all the surfaces you wanted.)

Then it was time to start whitening!

We added the whitening gel to our trays, put them in, and relaxed! We prefer to whiten in the evenings after Sophie goes to bed, because then we have several hours of quiet time to whiten while we work on things. Bjorn would often work on his master’s homework while I finished up the dishes, laundry, or blogging tasks, or we’d both watch a show together!

After time spent whitening, then we’d use the desensitizing gel in our trays for a while afterwards. That’s another part of this system that I love. The whitening process does open the pores of your teeth, which is what makes them more susceptible to sensitivity, but the desensitizing gel (available in the sensitive teeth kits) is amazing. It really helps to prevent and counteract any sensitivity you get, which makes whitening a lot more enjoyable!

Both Bjorn and I have been really happy with our results! It’s so great knowing that there is a system like Smile Brilliant out there. We’ve each noticed that our smiles are whiter (even specific teeth that each of us had noticed in ourselves), and that our whitening sessions have helped to lift stains off of our teeth!

^^ This is probably my favorite recent photo of me with Sophie. (There’s a whole lot of joy in this picture!) And my teeth just look so much whiter than they have in the past! ^^

I think teeth whitening is a really valuable endeavor because our smiles are what we carry around with us and wear every day! Bjorn is a teacher, mayor, and commander in the Army Reserve, among other things – and those are really public roles, so having a whiter smile helps anyone with public roles to feel more put together! And I’ve found that when I’m comfortable with my smile (just like if I’ve got freshly brushed teeth and a fresh swipe of lip color), I’m more apt to grin at others, laugh out loud, and engage happily with people at close range. I think that’s a great reason to work on whitening teeth. It increases my confidence to be others-focused during the day, and worry much less about how I look, since I know my smile looks healthy and fresh! 🙂


Now, Smile Brilliant has been EXTREMELY generous and is gifting one of my readers with your very own teeth whitening kit!!!

For those of you who want to jump in right now, Smile Brilliant is also offering a special promo code for you. Get 15% off with the code justbeeblog15 🙂



 Do you whiten your teeth? Have you tried whitening products before? Have you heard of Smile Brilliant?


  1. Super interested in this! How long is your promo code good for? I signed up for the giveaway, but also might just jump in!

    1. Awesome, Kelly! Thanks for entering the giveaway – good luck!! Also, to answer your question: the promo code is “evergreen” so it won’t expire! 🙂

  2. YES! I have felt the same way for so long! I tried the whitening strips but I never saw results and my teeth go so sensitive, and seriously they tasted terrible. I shudder to think of the toxin/chemicals I was swallowing because they moved around so much!
    I entered the giveaway – thanks for sharing this! (By the way, that photo of you and Sophie is just darling ♥)
    Rebekah Joy

    1. Thanks so much, Rebekah!! 🙂 You are so kind! Good luck on the giveaway! I agree – I wasn’t a fan of how whitening strips slid around so much – so the custom made trays are a great option!

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